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  1. Hi,
    I have a 67 Mk1 cooper that I am interested in restoring to works style.

    Does anyone know a place to find detailed pics of interior for location of switches, gauges, timers, accessory lights etc on dash and layout of engine compartment? I dont have access to the real thing to look at! I do have the Moylan, Parnell, Walton and Robson books, but would like more details. My plan was to fabricate or purchase the Monte style dash as a starting point.




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    Hi Cliff,

    You should get a good selection of replies from the learned folks in the Register (hopefully). One starting point is 'The illustrated history of the Works Minis in international rallies and races' by Peter Browning. This iscurrently available throughHaynes Publishing ([url=][/url]) and is in its second edition. Cost is £19.99. The ISBN number is '0 85429 967 X', if this means anything in the USA. There are not too many detailed close-up photos of the dashboards, but a number of shots of them through the doors. Engine shots and exterior shots aplenty. There are also detailed build sheets for some of the cars.

    Hope this will be of some help'

    Best wishes,

    Richard 🙂

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    Thanks Richard. I found the book on Amazon for $27. I will see what I can piece together. Seems like there are some differences in setup of engine compartment in relation to location of distributor, oil cooler, ?overflow radiator tank. In the interior shots that I have, cant tell what the switches actually are!


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    Good luck in your project.

    Just one word of warning however. PLEASE don't try to get too bogged down with doing a slavish reproduction of a given car on a given event. This will cost you more money than you have even if you are as rich as Creasus, and even when you do get it finished you will very soon get sick of the 'works annoraks' (who don't actually own a mini) but will spend ages telling you exactly what is wrong and how the headlight dip switch should be positioned 1/2' further to the left.

    Heritage is a good place to ask about photos too, but they are expensive.


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