Peoples comments on this?


  1. hiya

    saw this on ebay.


    peoples comments?

    is it a a real s? is there any clear ways of telling seing as this is a differnt shell?

    What do you think a resonable price for this would be?

    Some cooper s i have seen advertised say about dry suspension. is that a standard option or is it some thing people have done to improve performance/reliablity?

    Any help or comments would be greatfully accepted, i am a mini fan but new to the looking for a minis.

    thanks dave

  2. imported post

    Why worry about the authenticity of an unusableshell that's in two halves ?! 😕

    The car's gone hasn't it. All you need to worry about is how much it'll cost to 'recreate' it using the donor shell. If the paperwork/plates/ historytie up then it could make a reasonable project, or a stretch limo !! 😛

    Price ? Well a complete project inboxes is gonna cost you £2,500 + (crazy I know, but worth even more if broken ) and a good donor shell would cost you £1000 tops.

    Save yourself a fortune and buy one done, unless you're a masochist like the rest of us…..:D

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