Beaulieu Circa 1985


  1. Hi all

    I must be going thru a mild mid life crisis coz I have suddenly got the desire to restore my old 970S (1275 engine — see earlier post). It has been in storage for the last 15 years after an accident in 1990.

    Anyway after digging out some old paperwork prior to the restoration I came accross the following photos.

    I think it was at a Beaulieu festival about the mid 80s (judging by the clothes)

    If anyone knows who the current owners are I would be happy to send them the originals (DVLA websiteseems to show at leat two currently registered).



  2. imported post


    the reg no,s of the two red cars in the middle pic are BDL 466B and 119 CEL

    the top pic has two white cars, a MK3 XGL 310J and MK1 HLC 197C



  3. dnutlan wrote: “Hi I still own BDL and a friend Gavin Platt owned CEL, if you still have the snap it would be great to have a copy.

    David Nutland”

    by sheer coincidence, whilst hunting thru some pics for something else, i found this shot of BDL at Gurston (in mid 90s?). enjoy! 😉


  4. Now lets imagine being there, 'oh hello sir, I was admiring your 1275 Cooper S, is that original paint? Oh yessss (said like churchill) Hmmm, would you consider selling your car as I've always wanted one in Surf Blue, Hmmm yes, I was thinking about 800 pounds for the car as it needs a tune up, GASP!!'


  5. Thanks for the offer!

    Thanks for the picture, it great to see a different view, brings back the memories, thats the third best offer in the last twenty years, the first was a confused Scandinavian (thought it was an exworks car DBL, not BDL) and the second was from a guy called Ray Payne of Team Hartwell who offered me a new fully race prepared Citoen AX in exchange! and now £800, tempting after all it is only an old one. I'll have to think about it!;)

  6. I seem to remember being reeled in by this car quite some years ago at the MCR track day at Combe, I was in a fairly docile Almond Green Mk2 and you pretty much flew past Dave !


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