Tempature control

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  1. Ladies and Gentlemen, I would be pleased to hear your collective wisdom on this problem/subject.

    I have a 997 Cooper that I can not get to run at a higher temperature than about 70 degrees C. To achieve this level I have changed the thermostat to a late 88 degree thermostat. Prior to this the temperature would only go to about 60 degrees. The car is tuned mildly and has a new three core radiator, fitted about a year ago, at the time I was unable to source a 2 core. I have a capillary temp gauge fitted and have checked that this does not give a spurious reading. It appears ok.

    Beyond the obvious blocking of the radiator etc, how can I raise the temperature, what should it be at? (88?). The system in general is in good oreder with new hoses etc. The heater is switched off currently and is a recirculatory unit.

    I have wondered about the rad cap which is 13 LB. Would a lower pressure cap have a difference? Bearing in mind that water boils at ahigher temperature under pressure, so lower the pressure and lower the boiling point. Or is this academic and the temperature controlled by the thermostat? If so why do we fit 13LB caps to tuned minis in place of the specified 10LB cap? Obviously having a three core rad is going to lower the water temperature as the water returns to the block, is this the problem?

    There you go, I await your thoughts.


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