1. How easy is it to get a repro interior for a 65 S, looking at a car that has an 850 interior and am trying to find out if anyone is reproducing to old ones.:?

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    Newton Commercial do the brocade trim, it's not perfect but look okay.
    Otherwise visit a few shows and find some 2nd hand stuff.

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    Hi guys,

    Speaking of interior trim, my '66 S has had the rear parcel tray trim recovered I think. What should this material be?



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    M1 S's with 850 trim , makes you a little suspicious of the car, make sure it's the real deal before you hand over the wad ! Check with the club, read the Parnell book.

    Complete and original trim sets do turn up on Ebay and at shows periodically, expect to pay around £800+ for anything decent inbrocade, usually much less for plain colours, and that's a whole lot less than the repro stuff from Newton (which is fine apart fromthose awfulstitched seems which run across the middle of the rear and front parcel shelves on brocade ! )

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    Thanks all the tips, i will be seeing the car this weekend and intend to get all the numbers to check all the details on the car before any money changes hands. The car has been in a leantoo for 22 years and he needs to 'dig' it out from the piles of wood he has on and around it, there also may be a problem with a thrush nesting in it so i will be checking in with him before i go to see if i have to wait for the chicks to fly. The other thing is we've not really talked about value yet so that conversation may put me off too. i will keep you posted and put the numbers on the forum for some expert advice.

    Thanks all

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    Alasdair Brass wrote:
    “Hi guys,

    Speaking of interior trim, my '66 S has had the rear parcel tray trim recovered I think. What should this material be?



    It is usually brocade though for a normal S, however don't know if it's different for a AUS one, but I'd guess not.

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    Hi Mark,

    My car is English assembled, like most New Zealand new ones were. My question is what colour was the vinyl? I take it brocade was in several different colours.



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    Depends on the exterior colour of your car.

    If for example it was red then your seats should be red on the edges and Brocade in the centres (The brocade is grey with gold inlay).
    However if it was grey for example then it doesn't have brocade, just grey inserts with dark grey around the edge.

    By edge I mean a 2-3 inch strip.

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    Hi Mark,

    I suspect we are talking at cross purposes here. I was asking about the colour of the vinyl fitted to the rear parcel tray board. The car is Almond Green with OEW roof andPorcelain Green with Dove Grey interior.



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