1. Just replaced flywheel,clutch plate&pressure plate on my67 's',can not get enough travel on thrust bearing to disengage,even with bent release arm! any thoughts anyone?

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    The ball on the end of the clutch arm wears flat with use. The usual 'repair' is to heat up and bend the arm, which does not solve the problem. A better way of repairing it is to build up the ball again using oxy-acetylene (or maybe mig weld) and file the ball round so it's a nice fit in the plunger. Better still, renew the arm. Also the plungeralso wears and the only cure is to replace it with a better or new one.

    I had a lot of problems with clutch clearance on my Mk2 Cooper that I eventually traced to being a faulty pressure plate. The part that flexes did not have enough flex in it andappeared to be flatter (hence less travel) than thereplacement I used, eventhoughit was a new one.:?

    Hope this helps and good luck.


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    Make sure you have enough travel from the hydraulic system first. Adjust the stop nut for the cluth arm (0.020'). Replace the pins at the connections (MC, slave rod) as they get a groove worn in. Eliminate mechanical play. Make sure your stop nut on the t/o bearing shaft is adjusted properly. One flat past contact with cover when clutch is engaged. Make sure the t/o arm isn't worn (both ball & pivot point) Best to just replace it then muck about with it.

    Is the clutch assembly that was replaced assembled properly (disc right way round)and any adjustments made for any changes?

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    Assuming that all adjustments & possible mechanical issues are resolved, then maybe you are not getting sufficient travel from the hydraulic MC & Slave? Are they new-ish? Does the travel look sufficient?

    One way travel would be insufficient: Drive straps connecting the flywheel to the back plate…

    You said 'lighter flywheel'? Did you install a new lightened one or have one machined? If you machined a stock one down, did you compensate for removal of metal on the three drive strap retaining bolts? They require shimming.

    I've not installed an aftermarketlightened flywheel, but do you have to check out the heights of the drive straps in relation to original?

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    Thanks for your replies, i have adjusted clutch as per workshop manual,all components are new including release arm and bearing shaft, all clutch components are new including lighter flywheel, organge diapham,new disc and lighter pressure plate. The feel on the pedal is as if not making contact with diapham i.e no pressure, where as before it needed a good hard push being a comp diapham?:?cheers John

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    Perplexed! suppiers of fly wheel have fitted spacers to compensate for removal of metal, i have checked the thrust plate on the diapham is the correct way round.??????:X

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    things to check

    1 check the flywheel isnt going on the taper to far have seen this happen and this can cause the problem

    2 check the wear amount on the ball on the bottom of the arm

    3 check the wearin the socket wear the arm goes into the large pin the goes through the clutch housing

    4 check the clevis pin on the arm if this is warn this can cause the problem too

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    Thanks for all your replies, checked every thing including flywheel over hang on crank, last ditch attempt going to renew master and slave,master being very old item,hope this works or no L2B next weekend! 🙁

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    'Cracked it'
    Replaced both cylinders and i have now have adequate pressure to release clutch.
    Imust say what a pleasure it is removing and replacing master cylinder clevis and split pins,such a joy.
    Thanks for all your repiles.

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