1522 gearbox casings


  1. [font=arial][size=1][size=2]I have hard from a number of people that this case number replaced the 22g 333 type does anyone know if this is correct and if so when. your thoughts would be helpful[/size][/size][/font]

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    I can confirm that 22A1522 is the casing number for a 3-synchro based Mk II Cooper S gearbox (998 Cooper Mk IIuses 22A1228) and it replaced the 22G333 of the 1275 Cooper S. I am however not sure when the change took place.

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    The 1522 was a [url=#]commonised[/url] casing shared with the Austin 1300 (obviously with a Mini diff housing). The Austin 1300 was introduced in October 1967 so probably any time after that. You don't see that many 1522 casings with a Mini diff housing on them.

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    In case October 1967 was the start of using Mk II 3-synchro casings 22A1522 for Cooper S and 22A1228 for Minis and Cooperswhile these were replaced by the 4-synchro 22G1128 casing from October 1968 for Minis of any sort, I guess there are indeed not too many of the 22A1522 casingsaround. 1300GTs used by the waythe 22G846 4-synchro casing (or were these also used for Cooper S?).

    My personal experience is that it is much easier to find a 22G333 casing than a 22A1522 casing (though this doesn't say anything about the conditiontheywere in).

    Maybe a related question; When did they change from thin flange to thick flange engine blocks? I had the impression that this could coincide with the change from 22G333 to 22A1522. Or did that coincide with the introduction of the 4-synchro box?

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    I have already found a partial answer to the above by just looking more carefully at my own Mk II Cooper of December 1967. It has a thin flange engine ona22A1228 gearbox in deperate need of a rebuilt… I guess that the 22A1228 replaced the 22G68 probably around the same time as the 22A1522 replaced the 22G333.

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    Am i right in thinking that the gearing from a 1522 case is correct for a 1966 1275 cooper 's', as i have both a 333 and a 1522 but the gears are shot in the 333.

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    From the 22G333 and 22A1522 boxes that I have, I can say that they share the same gearing, which is 22G232 laygear based (26/23/19/13 teeth). A 1966 Cooper S should have a 22G333 box with 22G232 based gearing (and depending on the exact build date it should also have a hardy spicer diff).

    (The 22G232 was replaced by the equivalent 22G1100).

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    In that case, it should have a 22G333 box with 22G232 based gearing and rubber drive couplings (no hardy spicer).

    Some more info; the car should have a single tank, no oil cooler (unless these where options on your car fromthe factory) whilethe engine should have the earlier AEG316 crank. According to AKD3509, the AEG510 cam replaced the AEG148 cam at engine number 40006 in January 1966. So you can check that as well if you want.

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    Did'nt the right hand tank and oil cooler become standard in Jan 66 can't remember my engine number off the top of my head but i,m sure these were a standard fitment on my 's', will check this out later,

  9. Mk 3 S Meister
    With regard to the 1522 gearbox casing and your comment that ' You don't see that many 1522 casings with a Mini diff housing on them.'….. can you tell me if the Mini diff housing part # is 22A1478 ?
    I have a 22A1522 Cooper S casing and internals,diff housing, but no diff, just an 18 tooth pinion which is for 3.44:1 ratio. It is stripped and the casing has been dipped and cleaned.
    Is there much demand in the UK for such an item?

  10. 22a1522

    If there is a demand, I have one that could be for sale, however, it has a straight cut Jack Knight clubman gearset in, with central oil pickup pipe, billet diff with 4.6:1 straight cut crownwheel and pinion, straight cut roller dropgears at 1:1, newly built too.
    And includes the remote with a KAD quickshift too.

  11. Just had a look at my NOS 22A1522 gearboxes and yes, the Cooper spec diff housings are numbered 22A1478.
    As for prices over here, the last NOS one I saw on e-bay went for around £250, about half the price a secondhand 22G 333 casing would go for.

  12. If any interest for someone here is one 22A1522 for sale on E-bay.


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