Morris Cooper Mk1


  1. I used to own a Mk1 Morris Cooper 998cc and sold it when I moved abroad. I have now returned to Scotland and wondered if she was still around. The Reg was HSG 424E, Almond Green with a White roof. Would be grateful for any information on this vehicle.

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    Hi Doc,

    I've just done a vehicle check on the DVLA website and the Cooper is currently licensed so it must be about somewhere! Unfortunately, the website doesn't give any more information. If you are interested in contacting the present owner, DVLA may pass on a letter from you to the current registered keeper. They did that for me when I was trying to trace a Mini my Dad owned in 1964. It cost me £5 but I did get in contact with the owner that way.

    Hope this helps


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    I found it interesting trying to remember the registration numbers of cars I've previously owned to see if they are still on the road or when they were last on the road.


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    Here is the link:


    click on 'vehicle enquiry' and off you go. One thing I found is that it has to be a precise car model – ie there is an Austin Morris and ALSO an Austin-Morris !!

    Have fun !

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