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    Hi, not sure of codes, hope the following helps though:-

    [font='Comic Sans MS'][size=2]ICI Paints Wexham Road Slough Berkshire SL2 5DS phone: (0) 1753 550555 – [/size][/font]

    [font='Comic Sans MS'][size=2]Retail (0) 870 242 1100 – Trade fax: (0) 1753 691433 – Retail (0) 1753 511026 [/size][/font]

    Try this link GN37?


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    That GN37 looks, I have to say, nothing like what I remember my old Cooper looking like. I think the colour is more like HAK (BLVC1212). I am going to get my car painted like my old 1966 Morris Cooper S Mk1. Any suggestions on the correct green of that time ?

    Will contact ICI paints and see what they say. Matt

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    GN37 is the original BMC code for the original 1960's Almond Green.

    Details here,


    Rember, its impossible to compare colours through a PC screen cos all monitors are set up differently.


    PS. Sorry I don't have the ICI code, I have never had any problems ordering off the original BMC code myself.

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