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  1. Just to let you know the insurance is due on our Rover MPI Sport at the end of the month… I'll let you know how the 'new' company's offering matches up to the market for a standard late Rover…….


  2. Thought about enquiring for the W&P but don't know if I've got the time to go through all the mods with them. It's currently with Footman James because paperwork was minimal, they'd insured it for W&P, and they were cheaper than the 'best guess' quotes given by everyone else!

    Interestingly FJ were talking about a 15% discount for club members – now requiring membership numbers rather than the old tick in a box.

  3. I've used the 'new company' and have found them cheaper than Footman James. Although it did take a little while on the phone as I had to go through all the details as you say Dave.:)

    Still I am one of their new customers now.

  4. My experience of C.V.I. a full £127.00 cheaper than my current Insurer's renewal quote(taking into account Ive got one years N.C.D. on the car),and they are not Insisting on a thatcham cat 1 alarm and imobiliser being fitted to continue Insuring the car (another £300, I have been told that meeting the criteria for cat 1 fitment is not really possible on older minis !! )
    And yes Ive read the small print ,the cover is better,with a lower excess and they will cover me for work use (self employed)which the other insurer would not do,throw in the breakdown cover,key cover,free european cover (30 days),legal cover(£50,000),you could say that I am Impressed 😀 😀

    P.S. all the relevent paper bumph landed the next day,so I could run out and tax the car.

  5. C.V.I Insurance hmmmmmm…. my opinion has changed slightly for the worse and is getting more jadded by the minute…
    They have contacted me to inform me that they do not agree with the independent valuations and condition report's ..they state that insurance is also not about the cost of building the car (accepted) but dont accept the point that it is about possible re-build cost's(right hand tank,john cooper garages interior handle's and mota-lita steering wheel's really are ten a penney and available from halford's at rock bottom prices then ???…no I thought not )insurance isnt obviously to cover a vehicle and if the worst happens replace it like with like, or to rebuild it to the exact same spec ?
    That means you really could have a mk1 1275 s with sportspack arches in halford advert flame red !!! courtesy of your specialist insurer…

    To top it all they want an independent valuation from the M.C.R …..minisport and r.a.c.e. motorsport are not knowledgeable enough ???? .the chap at C.V.I. was very surprised when informed that the M.C.R. does not give official valuations for legal reason's (this is the same with most sensible owner's club's)it seem's strange that an insurer will not accept valuation from independent sources at thier request ,but (no offence intended) willingly accept one from an armchair expert whose opinion though informed and knowledgeable does not form his/her livelihood…:mad:
    I will post all development's here so that you can make your own minds up

  6. where's the catch?

    oh there it is!:rolleyes:

    just going through the CVI hoops for my not so valuable Rover Cooper Sport (2000), probably cost around £5k to replace. All seemed to be going well , £55 cheaper than current insurer… waiting for email of t&c's but instead get a phone call to say the vehicle would have to be garaged overnight, every night at home DOH!

    Not so impressed now! LV still seem to be the best for me , with better cover.

    Will keep you posted.


  7. well the results are in
    The policy was taken out on the 17th march (paid for)against a totaly restored modified early mainstream cooper ,with two valuations showing a realistic ,real world appraisal of specification and build quality,as well as condition (not always shown in photo's)this was carried out by two independent mini specialist's(they turned out not to be independent enough ,because I had purchased component's and had work carried out by them (I've owned the car since 1993 and have possibley bought thing's from nearly all the main specialists going ,so that rules out them as well !!! )
    I have cancelled the policy,( at a £15 cost)and I am going to Adrian Flux whose hoop's I have already jumped through,two years ago and the valuation's were good enough for them !!

  8. Have you tried Peter Best insurance?

    Both my modified SPi and my Fathers SPI 'S' are insured with them. Never have any problems. Both cars have 2 additional drivers Dad and my Brother, both added for free at renewal. In addition my brother has now got a policy with them for his very much modified and fully restored VW Caddy Pickup. Again added both named drivers at no extra cost.

    Not the cheapest, but not far off and never have any issues, customer service is excellent. No complaints from me 🙂

  9. Agreed Value Insurance

    I just thought I would clarify our position with regards agreed value, however firstly I would like to thank everyone who has tried us to date and i am pleased so many are happy with their policy, cover and service.

    We do try very hard to agree values with just photos, but as someone who has owned and restored minis for the last 15 years i can fully understand the difficulty in some instances at valuing such cars. When we agree a value we are giving you a guarantee of what you will recieve in the event of a total lose minus your excess. In some instances it can be hard for us to agree a value and we may ask for a independent valuation, this could be for anything we find it hard to price such as a Rover Cooper with a mileage over 100k at a valued ver £7k. These instances will be few and far between but it is much better to have these queries with your insurer at the start of your policy rather than when you have had your pride and joy stolen.

    We ask for independent valuations as a car is not always worth what has been spent on it and a restorer may feel obliged to value a vehicle at a value that is inline with the costs spent.

    I do hope this clears up any conusion but i can assure you we do and will continue to do what we can for mini owners and in particular Cooper register members.

    Many thanks

    Peter McIlvenny
    Head of Broking

  10. Agreed Valuations

    Just to be clear on this, MCR Club Registrars [U]can[/U] give valuations for cars within their Register.

    These valuations, when submitted to an insurance company and agreed by them, become the Agreed Valuation for that car, this then becomes their risk – not ours. This has been the case for many years.

    Registrars are the best people to know the value of the cars within their register. The valuation is best addressed to the owner of the car who can then use the MCR's valuation to present to any insurer asking for and offering Agreed Valuations.

    Robert Young

  11. yes my mini has done over 100,000 miles since it was built, that is simply because i actually drive the thing ! ( though less than 2000 miles since its total rebuild)
    yes I did ask for the cars value to be set at £9000 😮 when I took out the policy, and said that i had two independent valuations/condition reports both for body work and mechanical components, (which were accepted by two other specialist insurance companies and have been yet again)

    my rover mini cooper mainstream (yes its not a real cooper…only a rover !! :D) has been comprehensively re-built over 4 1/2 years and the sum of its part's is astronomical (this has not been the sticking point and was always my free will and choice)

    The problem is a simple one,could the insurance company replace this car for the £6000 first offered as a value by them (to the same exact standard and quality with the same parts fitted….no it would not be able to do so )
    This has also made a mockery of the two valuations/condition appraisals freely given in thier own time, by knowledgable people, who are not armchair experts, but professionals whose entire business depends on that skill and knowledge.

    would C.V.I be able to replace the car/repair it for £9000…. maybe ?

    why when a policy is taken out do C.V.I or any company ask the cars value ? is this so that premiums can be set? If this is so why then, when the value offered was lowered, did the premiums not go down ? and didnt until I took my custom to another company?
    The single a4 sheet was inadequate for listing the mods on the vehicle,and I was told that manufactures/suppliers names of the components were not important and there was no need to list them,when the difference in cost/value and quality of parts is massive between brands ?

    Has the M.C.R. just changed its policy on valuations because of its new sponsor? if so why after all this time ? has the risk changed ?

    If impartiality is governed by the fact that someone has used/purchased from a person/company then over the years after spending thousands with most major and lots of minor specialists there isnt an expert out there that will be impartial to represent me !!

    So If two companies that gave valuations are not impartial because I had purchased services/parts from them ,how can the M.C.R. be impartial when I and thousands of others have purchased membership ? and have done so repeatedly for years. :confused: and when can being sponsored by an insurance company be impartial ?

  12. Agreed Valuations


    The position where a registrar signs a valuation proposed by a member, (assuming he agrees with it) is no different from the registrar doing a valuation on the car in the first place.

    I will clarify this in the magazine.

    If registrars are unhappy to commit to a valuation, because they feel unable or unwilling, then that's a different issue, which has to be addressed separately.

    I for my part have always written a full valuation for members of my register. Others are empowered to do likewise for club members in their register.

    Robert Young

  13. Cherished Vehicle Insurance

    Hi all

    I just thought I would give all the members an insight to Cherished Vehicle Insurance (CVI) as I am sure many of you don't really know who we are.

    CVI is a new classic vehicle insurer specialising in classic vehicles including ex military, campervans, Porsche, and of course the Mini. Although we are new the majority of our team have been in the classic insurance business for over 10 years, and we are also enthusiasts. I am myself a Mini fan and I have owned, restored and spent far too much money on them over the last 15 years. It was myself that first approached the MCR with a view to sponsorship as I have long admired the Register and the cars it represents. My fellow workers include two VW nuts, a custom car fan, and a Porsche enthusiast, so as fellow enthusiasts they will be able to understand how you feel about your Mini. We also have underwriting authority in our office which basically means we can build a policy to suit your needs, we do have some restrictions but we will always do our best to help.
    So if you do wish to give us a try or if you are with us already please remember we are only a phone call away and we will always do our best to help you. We will also be at Mini shows so you do please come and say hello it would be great for us to put faces to your names.

    Finally can I say thank you to the MCR for making us so welcome and in particular Robert Young who has been an absolute gentleman.

    Many thanks

    Peter McIlvenny
    Head of Broking

  14. I got a quote from Footman James (FJ) today, whilst filling in the online quotation I went to put my club membership details in and FJs web site did not recognise the MCR as a club. Fortunately I am a member of the British Mini Club (BMC) so I was able to get a quote.
    I'm sure that when I insured my '63 Super Delux with FJ that I used my MCR membership as I was not a member of the BMC at the time. So is this change of the club status a result of the clubs sponsorship by CVI?

  15. From Don elsewhere on the forum :

    [I]'Many years ago Club officials were able to issue valuations in the name of the MCR. We were advised to discontinue this practice because the legal implications put the signatory, and the club, in an 'uncomfortable' area.

    Nowadays we advise members to request of their insurer a Vehicle Condition Form. (If they say they do not have one then insist, they will normally find one, or change to a more enlightened insurer). This form is filled in by the applicant and may be countersigned by a Club official – Regional Organiser etc. The onus is then on the applicant to correctly state vehicle condition and value.

    The Club official is not going to sign, or put the Club's name to the document if they disagree with the content of the form.'[/I]

    I can understand his point here wherebye a an MCR official could be lead into vouching for the mechanical integrity of a car in his own words as opposed to the preferable option of simply giving a replacement valuation ?

    As you say Robert worth some clarification.

  16. Agreed Valuations

    Pete (and Don!)

    We've fortunately moved on from those days of paranoia.

    I will write to all the Registrars and put a piece in the magazine clarifying that that Registrars CAN do a valuation for insurance purposes.

    Clearly a registrar won't sign for a value he does not accept.

    The valuation is for replacement value for insurance purposes only, not a technical inspection report.

    Let's leave it there.


    PS. Congratulations on the Editor award Pete!

  17. I must admit that despite being fully aware that valuations had been provided by registrars in the past (even by regional organisers in some cases) I too was under the strong impression that this arrangement had been discontinued a while ago and that MCR officials were only permitted to counter sign car owners own personal valuations if they in fact agreed with said valuation ? Worth clarification in the magazine me thinks.

    As for valuations from companies like Minisport, I can understand why insurers wouldn't accept that, if you're a customer then it can barely be seen as impartial. I take Northern Monkey's point though that rebuild costs through accident damage must be born in mind not just replacement if stolen. A modestly valued Rover Cooper Grand Prix for instance of which only thirty were made would be much more expensive to rebuild than replace, in reality you probably couldn't replace it.


  18. I suspect it's just a listing problem. I renewed with FJ last week and everything was as normal: any claims? any further mods? odometer reading? are you still an MCR member? credit card number? Done! So the humans that answer the phone know us even if those writing software don't.:)

  19. you wont get that from an insurance company !!!!

    DO you know on a recent conversation (may have been with CVI) it was stated that my car was not parked in a secure place something to do with a postcode, how unsecure is an industrial unit on a gated and locked industrial estate with live 24 hr cctv, infa red sensors that alert guards, The car is in my Unit which has locked steel roller shutter doors, alarms etc and its in the middle of no where…

  20. Ok, CVI have been very helpful.

    After a few more calls and emails I have deduced that if you have a late standard car then Agreed vaule is likely to be close to Market value. There is not likely to be a great advantage to going to a 'specialist' insurer. In fact there is likely to be more flexibilty with regard to garaging, third party cover etc. from a good high street brand

    No doubt following tonights lottery win!! I will be able to own a car that would benefit from specialist insurance.:)

    I should point out that I am interested in the cover and terms first and the price second

    an interesting exercise……

  21. snoopy6 wrote: “I should point out that I am interested in the cover and terms first and the price second

    an interesting exercise……”

    These are and always will be my my views…never be under get what you pay for…and always get/buy the best that you can afford
    these views have not yet let me down…ever
    Perhaps it comes from my upbringing/training or even my apprenticeship and even possibly my trade in life,but I always insist on the right tool/man/company for the job,and if I feel otherwise,I change it,because I have to maintain a high standard with my work ,I do expect that same standard from others.

  22. I got thatcham 1.5 – i just remove the clothes pegs used to hold the choke open – then theres no way of bloody starting it !!!

    as for a tracker – its that loud youd hear it for miles

  23. christ if youre having agreed value issues then my mini 1000 is only going to be worth 50 quid…
    all the period bits etc wont be worth a jot – sorry sir your 2 grand halda is out of date , but you can get a replacement mega mile-o-meter for 50 quid…..

    Hmm im gonna call them any way just to see whats what.

  24. pad wrote: “I got thatcham 1.5 – i just remove the clothes pegs used to hold the choke open – then theres no way of bloody starting it !!!

    as for a tracker – its that loud youd hear it for miles”

    Hope its not a polished alloy john cooper garages clothes peg, it would not be a period part 😡 ,I could possibly find an 'ex -works' peg that used to hold the bits of paper to the back of the bog door !! 😀

  25. HAVE YOU NEVER SEEN MISSION IMPOSSIBLE !!! THIEVES WOULD BE INTO THERE NO PROBS,what you need is a thatcham cat 1 alarm (not fitted to spec)and a cat 2 immobilliser…….. that will satisfy them…

    [B][I]Thieves round here are quicker than Afgan window shoppers…..[/I][/B]:D 😀

  26. Theres one on ebay – ex abingdon clothes peg (3 for sale) with uprated springs.

    Nora from the bmc nocking shop used to hang her knickers up round the bag after paddy had been serviced.

    Dave you have got a PM – just call me if you need a lift and ill come and get you

  27. As I was recently quoted from archived previous postings on the Forum by the late Glen Ponder, as well as copied into a reply from our Ex Works and Competition Cars Registrar, Archivist and Public Relations Co-Ordinator I will clarify the matter from my viewpoint.

    As a Club Official in the late 1980's, early 1990's I used to issue on MCR headed paper, as a free service to members, professional valuations for insurance purposes on members cars.

    The MCR was informed subsequently by one of the original partners of FJ that there was an undesirable legal responsibility on the part of the Club or Club Official who submitted and signed a valuation on a members car.

    The MCR immediately abandoned the practice, settling to ask the owner of the car to request a Vehicle Condition Form from their insurer, to be filled in by the applicant and countersigned by a Club Official (usually a Regional Organiser or Registrar) – provided they agreed with the facts contained within the submitted form. This has been practice for many, many years now.

    That is the basis that I have worked to for a very long time. Perhaps the goalposts have moved, and I was unaware?

    I welcome Cherished Vehicle Insurance, and thank them for their interest in, and support for, the Club.

    Finally, I can state that I am delighted with my Classic Car insurer since 1983, premiums competitive, cover seemingly adequate, recovery included for the cars, agreed value accepted and updated when appropriate AND, the acid test, when one of the vehicles was destroyed I was paid out the full agreed value within three weeks of the accident.

  28. Well I found CVI to be a pleasant bunch, they were able to quote me without even asking about the spec of the car, where it was kept any info about the owner etc etc but they did want an independant valuation – Mick I asked about RACE and minisport and they were fine to give me a valuation , i think its something to do with you having one of the rover rsvp's and not a proper mini if you know what i mean.

    Now I did mention to them that it cant be a truly independant valuation as i personally know or deal with many of the business or people that are able to give a valuation but this was ok apparantly.

    The outcome was kind of funny, my other quote was 25 quid or so cheaper so he told me to go with them – maybe there was a discount for club members but i didnt get asked…who knows

  29. I can be offended you know,I think the correct term for a mainstream is 'non cooper' but I dont know anyone independent to verify this !!!

  30. Sorry Mick – let me be corrected so a main stream is known as a non cooper, would a cooper version of a mainstream be a non cooper cooper…

    Any way i got my insurance from Hearts, £117 fully comp, agreed value, Track day cover , all mods listed and had a value put to them and got a discount for being in the MCR (CVI didnt even ask me)

    Doing this brought something to my attention though – my cars a very early 1970 MK3 – not according to the chassis number its a mk2 built early 1970 – dates match but MK's dont, would also explain the black dash rail and possibly the fact that the main loom is part braided and follows mk2 wiring not mk3 ????

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