hs2 twin carb question


  1. I have recently rebuilt my Twin hs2 carbs, but the choke mechanism for the left hand one (looking from the front) has two springs, one of them is similar to the other carb and fits near the carb body, the other is a bit smaller.
    Can anyone provide me with a drawing,diagram,photo or sketch as to how the smaller one is fitted? the photo i took prior to taking apart isn't very clear!!!
    I hope this makes sense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:o

    Ta in advance

  2. These springs are 'Krypton factor' material, you can have hours of fun trying to get it right!
    The smaller diameter spring goes inside the small clevis bracket, you have to preload it into place before fitting the tube. Have a look at the pictures, you should end up with the larger outer clevis bracket being springloaded for the first 10mm of travel before the inner clevis starts to move which in turn pushes the main jet down.
    hope that helps Bob

  3. Thanks 1071bob,

    I've just spent an entertaining hour putting my carbs back together:eek:, if i had logged on and seen your pictures first, it might have been quicker!

    As it happens, I must have been having a blonde moment, because i purposely restored them one at a time, so i had a reference. For some reason i missed the spring on the other one when i looked at it!!:o

    Although i didn't blast them (so they don't look like brand new), with a lot of scrubbing and polishing, they now look brill. They will soon be back on the car and taken to Rob Waddington at Minisport for a rolling road session.

    Thanks very much for your time, Bob.


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