Gold Cup?


  1. Unfortunately not. Pete had been expecting business as usual from Oulton Park until the Wirral event appeared on the radar at which point he decided to concentrate on the Pagent of Power. Further info appeared here: [URL][/URL]

    As far as I'm aware Wirral's presence is open to all.

  2. Oh bugger. sorry to hear about Oulton not being very loyal to your efforts in the past Pete.

    Typical, one of the years I'm off work and its not on:(, and to top it off I'm working for the Pagent of Power:mad:. I've just read that someone I know, Bernard Griffin, is taking along AJB 66B to the pagent of power as well!!

    Pete, are you the same Pete Flanagan that I met, maybe about 20 years ago, at Tatton Park (I think!) sporting a rather fetching flat top hairstyle! I think you were there with an 1966 Old English White Mk1 Morris Cooper reg HUL ***D, which I still have some pictures of in the cupboard! Your car was the one that convinced me that when I eventually bought a Mk1 Cooper it should be an Old English White one, which by the way, is the colour of Cooper I now own.:D

    Anyway, I may be off to join the wirral minis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:confused:


  3. Hi all

    Just wondering if Pete Flanagan is doing anything at the gold cup like he has done in previous years? I would love to be included if he is, its the first time that I havn't been working for it:D

    I notice that Wirral Minis are going to be there and have organised a parade lap. Maybe we could tag along!!:eek:

  4. John are you calling me a fifties throwback ? 😡

    Yes tis I and I'm just grateful I still have hair ! :p

    That 998 Cooper was HUL 88C, I auto-tested it at Tatton one year too. Not seen that car for a long time, well I wouldn't it's got a different registration now ! 😉 And S badges attached 😮

    No I'm not doing the Gold Cup for the MCR this year, but may turn up for a go on the dodgems if you fancy a race ?

    The Pageant Of Power is gonna be fantastic, I've got a Sellers Radford, a Minisprint, possibly a Broadspeed GT, A Cooper S Traveller and a heap of other great cars on the stand not to mention the race and rally cars in action. Well worth bunking off !

  5. Ha ha, thought it may have been you! Your name just stuck in my mind for some reason!
    Just for the record i remember you being polite, approachable and a good ambassador for the club, in fact i think i joined the register not long after.

    I have dug out my old photo of your car, and although i haven't seen it since i took it, the resembalance to my car now, is uncanny, even down to the type and position of the aftermarket fuel filter:eek:

    Bunking off work does sound appealing, mmmmm!
    Is Bernard Griffin taking along AJB 66B? Would have been nice to see it being given some stick (maybe!), I last had a passenger ride a few years ago, awesome car!!

    Anyway may see you at Oulton, do you still have the flat top:p, just so i can recognise you!


  6. Polite and approachable ? :confused: I'll let my wife know ! :p Are you sure it was me ?! :p

    This Pageant Of Power thing will be a one off for us really for 'the 50th' so you should make the most of it John, yes 'AJB' in action alongside two other works rally cars, two works race cars and more. I've been quite litterally inundated with …er… [B]one[/B] request for free tickets from my ad in the last club magazine, so I'm obviously not selling this very well am I ? :p We're about full anyway so if you 'want-in' let me know.

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