February 2009 MCR mag


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    Totally agree, I was only 1 in 1965!! But that was some adventure, my partner spent several years working in Athens and although I don't recognize the hair styles the scenery was all very familiar!!

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    We were 'touring' so we liked to see the village/town shops before we set off on our next adventure.
    Seriously. it was a fantastic experience and we enjoyed the company of fellow tourers.
    Are you venturing south for the Tour of Cotswolds?

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    Really enjoyed this months magazine.

    One thing I would like to mention (as a participant in Le Jog and part of a fellow touring crew in the Triumph Dolomite) is the technique Cliff & John used to deter followers leaving each control or halt.

    Invariably Cliff & John would set off in completely the wrong direction or drive straight past turnings to throw any followers off the scent. It was a great tactic and one that caused many a chuckle.

    It was a pleasure to meet Cliff & John and I thoroughly enjoyed their company.


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