New MINI Traders at Beaulieu


  1. Does anyone know if any New MINI traders have been persuaded to come along to Beaulieu this year?
    There is an interesting discussion going on about the lack of such traders at some Mini shows like Beaulieu with the increasing numbers of New MINI Coopers attending.

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    Interesting, I believe there are only two or three MINI specialists in the Netherlands that I have seen advertising in Minicontext and that are not doing MINIs as a 'hobby' next to 'normal' cars but as the main car. So, apparently we are lacking behind!

    Of course, everybody who attendsa meeting should be happy to go there. And indeed, the number of MINIs attending Mini events is increasing. I fully agree with your conclusion that it strange that there are so few MINI traders at Mini meetings. Most traders that I have seen doing MINI stuff are actually Mini traders from origin and they seem tostay more involved with the Mini stuff than the MINI stuff.

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    How many MINI traders are there anyway (apart from BMW)? Compare that to the number of Mini traders. Add to that the question whether there is any market for odd MINI parts and then it seems logical that there are noMINI traders.

    [size=1]Personally, I hope it stays like this (sorry, i'm not into MINI's). I could actually imagine that some Mini traders will stay away if thereare too many MINIs and MINI traders… MINI traders should maybe concentrate on the typicalMINI events that have started to appear in recent years, you also don't see many Mini traders there.[/size]

    Anyway, it seems not right if traders have to be 'persuaded' to come. Traders themself should be interested in comming. Or is this not how things should work?

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    In the UK there are a growing number of MINI traders for aftermarket parts, new and used spares, etc, in the same way that there were Mini traders even when Rover was still around. Maybe it is different in the Netherlands?!
    I doubt any Mini traders would stay away for the reasons you state???!!!
    If a Club puts on an event and like the MCR advertises and invites Classic Minis and New MINIs to attend, pay membership / entry ticket fees then it is only fair and logical to offer both types of owner the same things at an event.
    (sorry, i'm into all Mini's and MINI's)

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    [size=3][font='Times New Roman']I think itâ€'s a touch of laziness by the MINI traders and their ' Accessories ' – Its so convenient to sell over the internet..[/font][/size]

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    [size=3][font='Times New Roman']Hopefully with MINI attendance ever increasing at events, this will change ;)[/font][/size]


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