Surrey region?


  1. I note that there is not one. Is there some historical reason for this – bitter power struggles, in-fighting, manoevuring and intrigue? Or is it just that nobody can be bothered to organise it?

    I know there are lots of Minis, generally, around here, and no doubt quite a few Coopers. Yes, there are some large and active Mini clubs too – is that the reason perhaps?

    Isthere just no call for it? If there is, why don't we Surrey MCR membersdo something about it?


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    There was a Surrey region until recently.

    However, we find ourselves currently with no regional organiser for Surrey. Though members in thesouth west of the county go to the Thames Valley Region meeting.

    The committee would very much like to have and Surrey Region restarted, especially as the membership records show a good number of members in this area.

    If someone would like to come forward to and get the region underway then the committee can provide the necessary help to them get it off the ground.

    If you, or indeed anybody is interested in starting the Surrey Region again I suggest you contact Ian Chilcot ([][/url]) or Peter Barratt ([][/url]).

    Where do you live in Surrey?



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    Do you know, I think I might just do that. I'm going to have the time for such an undertaking very soon, and it would seem to be worthwhile.

    And I'm in Fetcham.


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    Hello,if it were to come about, maybe a Surrey/SE London regional meetings venue would be nice. As SE london is not catered for either,just a thought.:)

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    I had a conversation tonight with Peter Barratt, and the upshot of that is that I am going to give it a go. And as the 'vacant' region is Surrey and south London, that is what we will go for.

    My plan is:
    1) To get to Brighton in time to meet with the MCR people on the stand and say hello.

    2) To get to Beaulieu, ditto.

    3) In between times, find a venue that is prepared to host us, somewhere reasonably accessible in Surrey. Depending on where the interest comes from, it might be possible to move this, or even to alternate between south London and Surrey.

    The details of MCR members in Surrey and south London will help, and these should be passed to me by the Membership Secretary in due course. But, in the meantime if you would like to PM me your details if you are interested, then I will start to compile my own list. And any suggestions as to the venue, either actual premises (presumably licensed) or just a general area, are welcome.

    My preliminary work, such as it is, has been to establish that the geographical centre of Surrey is somewhere near Effingham. Which is attractive as:

    a) It is close to me (!)

    b) It is reasonably close to the M25/A3

    c) It is quite a pleasant area with some nice pubs.

    However, as south London is now in the equation, that thinking may have to change – and I'd welcome suggestions. Also, the night of the week / week of the month needs consideration – I am going to try to avoid being too close to adjacent regions' meeting nights.

    For a rough timescale, I am looking towards end June/beginning of July for the first meeting.

    I hope this will get enough support to at least have a first meeting, where it goes after that will largely be up to all of us who attend, but I am quite willing to put some effort in to make it work. Or else I'll just end up fishing, or knitting or something….


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    I should be there – subject to notbeing on the recce for Minis to Monte! Whether I come in a Mini is subject to an ongoing saga with MOT's and emissions.


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    [b][i][color=gray]Cut and pasted from the main forum, 'Regions' sub-forum:-[/color][/i][/b]

    Looking at the surrounding meetings, and selfishly considering my own commitments, I have plumped for the 2nd Wednesday for the attempt to get a Surrey & south London region back meeting again.

    I have, for the first meeting, chosen The Black Swan, Old Lane, Ockham, Surrey, KT11 1NG. This is reasonably close to the M25 (J10) and A3, but has a large car park and some nice lanes to approach it. There is a map and details on this website – [url=][/url]However don'tplanon eating too much thereunless you've just sold a Works S…………

    As and when it becomes apparent where the bulk of the attendees come from I will be quite happy to move the venue – either permanently or on a rotating basis.

    So, [b][color=darkred]Wednesday 11th June at 8pm[/color][/b].

    I don't know anyone who will be attending, eitherso don't be shy. No baggage, no pre-conceptions, just a chance for members who live near to each other to meet up and have a chat – plus of course an excuse to take the Mini out on a summer's evening.

    Any questions, observations or suggestions please get in touch by PM or on 07958 468920.

    Colin Sutton

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