MCR in Ireland?


  1. Can anyone tell me if there is a group of MCR members currently touring Ireland? A group of UK Minis attended a vintage show in Co. Meath yesterday and a friend of mine who was there told me that it was the MCR.

    Billy (Irish member)

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    As an overseas member of the MCR for about 10 years, unfortunately I don't have the benefit of getting to meet other MCR members or indeed see their cars. My primary contact with the MCR, as with most overseas members, is through the excellent monthly magazine.

    No doubt a forthcoming issue of the magazine will include articles on this latest excursion to Ireland, the wonderful scenery, the quiet roads, the Guinness,etc. etc.etc. And no doubt again I will feel disappointed that a. I didn't know anything about the visit, and b. another opportunity was missed by participating MCR committee members to make contact with us overseas members.

    Considering that the Irish Mini Owners Club is holding its Malin to Mizen Run (the Irish equivalent of LE JOG) next week, a little co-ordination could have made for an excellent gathering. The IMOC has 64 classic Minis entered from one end of Ireland to the other (in 1 day!). See [url=][/url] for details.

    Come on MCR folk. You're certainly welcome here in Ireland but don't be afraid to involve the locals. Us natives don't bite, you know.

    Billy Mulqueen, The Old Train House B&B, Ballyhooly, Co. Cork, Ireland [url=][/url]

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    I must say it's shockingly quiet in here. I am also surprised that no participant on the latest trip to Ireland has felt the need to respond to my earlier post. Is it a sign that overseas members are handy for just making up club membership numbers? I certainly hope not.

    Awaiting a proper response this time.


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    Hi Billy, sorry for not getting back sooner. I appreciate your comments andplease excuse reference to Southern Ireland. I think 'southern'was used as on a previous trip it included Northern Ireland.

    I understand that thesetrips have been taking place for 10 years. I think Hugh lived and rallied in Ireland, andnow as hehas partly moved back to Ireland he is able to organise these trips for a limited group. The trip is a private adventure. Hugh and his familycan only manage a small group. Rallying is a family hobby. They do not want it to be a MCR sponsored activity. It would be too big to manage. It is not open tothe full MCR membership. I am sure we all wished it was. On a previous tripwe were joined by half a dozen Coopers from Ireland. I assumed they were personal friends of Hugh. This year only Peter Weir joined us.

    We are always looking for contribution's to the club. To run an event on an international scale involves an enormous amount of work and puts the club financially at risk.If a member wants to run an event for general invitation to MCR members then we will try to help. Or perhaps a member would prefer an event for their local region ,or for an overseas region. A region may want to organise an event for their local members but perhaps the event will take place in another county or country. I am for ever trying to get regions to organise shows, events, displays or trips. Please feel free to organise such an event andsendyour stories and photographs to the Editor. Lesley always welcomes articles for the magazine.

    I am sorry you feel neglected, it is not intentional.

    Kind Regards

    Peter Barratt

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    Hi Billy, me again.

    You quoted in your previous entry, 'Considering that the Irish Mini Owners Club is holding its Malin to Mizen Run (the Irish equivalent of LE JOG) next week, a little co-ordination could have made for an excellent gathering. The IMOC has 64 classic Minis entered from one end of Ireland to the other (in 1 day!). See [url=][/url] for details.'

    Perhaps you could consider writing an article or advert for our magazine promoting this event and then coordinating our involvement. Please consider this or any other event in Irelandwhere the MCRcould be involved. Also, an article on the event for the magazine would not be a miss



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    Well I must be psychic! This morning the monthly magazine arrives in my letterbox, beautifully produced, loads of colour photos, etc but guess what … on 15 pages out of a 50-page magazine, there's references/articles to the IRISH TRIP 2007. This is the trip that Robert above has said is not an official MCR event yet it still commands 30% of this month's magazine.

    Sure enough, there's references to the quiet roads, scenery, Guinness as foretold by yours truly in an earlier post. Yet apart from the Wylies as organisers, there's no Irish members involved. This suggests 3 possibilities to me:

    1. As an overseas member, my notification got lost in the post;

    2. That there is an inner sanctum within the MCR;

    3. Overseas members are good for memberships but out of sight, out of mind!

    I have no problem whatsoever with the event being held and well done to the Wylies for taking the time and effort to do it. I do however have a major problem with such a large proportion of the club magazine being used to highlight the great time that was had by allto those of us who are not part of the clique!

    This time, I really do expect a response from the club committee on future attempts to include overseas members.

    Billy Mulqueen

    PS Out of courtesy to those of us who live here, please refrain from referring to where we live as Southern Ireland. It's officially Ireland (as in rugby team) or the Republic of Ireland.

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    Thank you for taking the time to respond to my earlier posts.

    Can I say that I completely reject the notion that a small number of people cannot organise an event for more than 16 Minis. Having devised and run the Irish Mini Owners Club 'Malin to Mizen 2007 – The Numb BumRun' this year with one other colleague, we successfully put together an event which brought over 60 classic Minis from one end of Ireland to the other with routebooks, tulip diagrams, drivers briefings, safety instructions, regular regrouping stops, scenic roads, breakdown service, prizegiving lunch, finishers awards etc. In other words, a quality event! In terms of cost, the entry per car was the equivalent of £33 for club members and £40 for non-IMOC members. Upon receipt of entry fee, entrants were supplied with accommodation lists (including hotels where we had negotiated discounted rates) and sorted their own digs for the top and bottom ends. Between getting to and from the event etc, every car completedat least 1000 miles in 3 days. There were no accidents and the only car not to complete the trip went down due to a failed fan pulley!

    No sponsorship was required, no organiser benefited financially,and the club made a modest profit of a few hundred Euros.

    Do you as Chairman feel it is acceptablethe obvious potential to include paid-up overseas members here in Ireland was lost by not opening the event to general membership, or even letting it be known that the group would be meeting in particular locations during their stay? By devoting such a huge amount of club magazine space to the Irish Touring Assembly 2007, surely this condones an event organised for a select few (including MCR officers) and gives the impression that there is an inner sanctium within the ranks of the MCR.

    While I welcome the opportunity to vent my spleen on this issue, I regret that only a tiny number of members will ever even know that it has taken place. Compared to similar Mini club offerings elsewhere, the use of this forum is negligible which I feel is a shame. The website is well put together, access to the forum and variety of topics is very good, but the number of hits is very low, particularly in the members-only section. I have just checked theJuly magazine and there is no mention of the MCR forum anywhere.

    I am not one of these people who gets fed up with a club and doesn't bother renewing their membership. I believe the MCR is an excellent organisation but I firmly believe that every opportunity should be taken to include as many members as possible. There currently is not an Irish region. Indeed I don't even know how many Irish members there are currently paid up. The Irish Touring Assembly 2007 was a lost opportunity and I would be bitterlydisappointed if a similar situation arose next year.

    Yours in Minis,


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    I don't see anything wrong with a bunch of mates in Minisgoing on a trip to Ireland France or anywhere else for that matter without officially inviting the rest of the MCR. I do however think the telling of the tale of such an event so many times in the MCR mag does the give the impression that it was indeed an official MCR event, especially as the articles were tiltled 'Irish Touring Assembly' .

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    Hi Billy, I see you have actioned what I was about to ask. An organised trip to Ireland forMCR members. Excellent idea. Will it be based on the trip you have alreadycompleted with the Irish Mini Owners Club? It should save a lot of work. Please keep in touch should the trip come to fruition as the committee will need to be involved, or at least informed,asyou areusing MCR website for promotion.

    I am sorry you feelwe over did the Irish Assemble Trip in the magazine. We will review before we report on another such trip.

    I frequently remind members to use the website. Wereported the number of hits at the AGM. We are quite satisfied with the figures and the steady increase in use of the forum.

    Good luck with trip and please let us knowof the response.



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    Glen, I agree completely. Any of us can get together and have a jolly for a weekend. However using the club'smagazine to highlight a trip which most of us didn't have access to, definitely gives the wrong impression.


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    Thank you for your offer to include me on Hugh Wylie's list but I would still much rather prefer that an event which got so much publicity in this month's mag was open to all of us. This discussion has generated several PMs and e-mails to me and if entry for the Irish Touring Assembly was handpicked again for 2008, I certainly wouldn't want my name listed among next year's list of entrants judging by the correspondance received so far.

    This year's IMOC MTMwas specifically designed so that the 120 people involved were able to eat together, refuel together, stay together at the same hotel, and have a prizegiving lunch together at the same venue. Like Hugh's event, it isn't a competitive event either, it's just on a bigger all-inclusive scale.Anything is possible if you put your mind to it!

    With regard to Hugh, he is perfectly entitled to organise an outing for friends and I wouldn't want to take from his efforts.I would like to state that none of my criticism is aimed at him or his family. My primary concern is that several officers of the MCR seemingly did not realisethat other MCR members, whether in GB or Ireland, might actually beinterested in taking part on what by all accounts (and there were plenty in this month's magazine) was a very good event.

    Let's hope the MCR committee as a whole will take this into account at their next meeting.


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    Again, reiterating the comments by Peter Barret, sorry that you were left out of the superb Irish run we had. However, despite you correctly saying acouple ofpeople can run a large event, the Irish run we do is deliberately only run with about a dozen cars to keep the impact low and to allow us to visit places and have meals and refreshment stops that cause little disruption. Also we all wish to stay in the same hotel and eat together as this is as much a social event as a road run, and not competitive. It is not an elite event, nor restricted, it just has to be keptwithin managable numbers. If you wish to join us in the future,there is no bar from you doing so, I will forward your contact details to Hugh and he will send an entry form the next time we do the run.

    As for your criticism of the contents of the magazine covering the event, I can assure you that NOitems were held over or not used to enable the run to be covered in the magazine. If it were not reported upon, the magazine would have beenten pages less – hardly a perferred option I would have thought, therefore I will continue to report this event in full.

    Peter has suggested that you get something organised your end and I'm certain there will be plenty of takers wanting to come over and take part on the great Irish roads and enjoy the Irish hospitality with you – after all we've publisied how good it is for you.

    As for the reference to Southern Ireland – well I'm part of Great Britian and live in Southern England which geographically locates were I am, much as those living in the Midlands or the West country would describle their location – so I see no differance in describing the part of Ireland we visit as Southern Ireland. No offence was meant by using such a description.

    Finally, if you feel the forum is under used, which I guess it is, perhaps you could write into the magazine with your views and opinions, which would give you a wider audience.

    Look forward to perhaps joining you with your event in Ireland and seeing you with us on our next Irish run.

    Lesley Young, Editor MCR magazine

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    You seem to be an ideal caandidate for a Committee member ! You would be very welcome to join them and assist in running the club and its events. The club needs people like you. Please get in touch with the Chairman by tleephone to talk it through and offer your services.

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    Hi Billy, I plan to talk with Robert on Sunday about your offer. What response have you had and are you still interested with organising thetrip as an MCR event?

    Please get back,

    Cheers Peter

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    Hi Peter,

    Spotted your mention in this month's mag about an MCR event in Ireland in 2009. Great news and am absolutely keen to make this happen as I mentioned to you on the phone some time ago.

    To give a flavour of what to expect, the Irish Mini Owners Club will be holding its 10th annual Malin to Mizen Run on May 23-25 2008 to coincide with the UK May bank holiday weekend. I'll send you on some of the rally pack from this year's event and will ask Lesley to highlight this event in the MCR mag.

    All the best,


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