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  1. I'm a new MCR member and I've been reading some of the 'members only' threads and in particular the comments about the content of the monthly magazine.

    Many of the articles are written by the few, just like many other club magazines but let's look on the positive side and it's easy to see how much is written by members (and non-members) on this forum. Maybe some of the more prolific posters (?) could be invited to submit contributions to the magazine since clearly have lots to say.

    What do you think?

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    I've only read the last 3 MCR magazines, soforgive my ill informed opinion:?. I'd like to seearticles about …

    [*]Re-shelling a Mini. Pitfalls, costs, DVLA involvement etc etc.
    [*]Rust proofing. (A subject getting closer to my heart on a daily basis)
    [*]How to decypher a Mini chassis number.[/list]
    Anyone feel experienced enough, or have they been covered recently?

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    1. Contact Bodyshell suppliers for advice eg (no preference Heritage, Moss, MiniSpares. Minisport etc
    2. Repalcement panels or protection
    3. Try purchasing 'Heritage/Gaydon' Cd's for guidance.

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    Its quite easy to reply to a specific question but when writing an article trying to cover all eventualities about a subject it can become quite an onerous task and possibly quite boring for those members not interested in that particular subject.

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    I'd also say that if we make the forum an interesting place maybe more MCR members would visit, nay contribute even :shock:. Most of the contributions here are still down to a handfull of people, some not MCR members.

    If there's anything specific Jonathan, fire away and we'll have a go.

    As far as rustproofing goes I've only used Waxoyl and Dinotrol before applied to the sill and rear valance box sections, inner A panels and under front wing /scuttle area, front panel to front wing seams, anywhere moisture can creep into or where mud can collect.Try and make sure the car's warm and dry, and the wax is heated up as it's very difficult to 'spray'.I've found Dinotrol less inclined to dry out or shrink though there are some good grease based products on the market which are actually better as they tend to 'creep' and self heal over .

    All depends on how you use the car, I rarely drive a Mini in the Winter and so don't feel it necessary to cover the underside in wax, as it only collects muck anyway and turns an unsightly black. I recently read an article in one of the glossys where someone had sprayed Dinotrol all over the inside of the car which I thought was OTT. If your car's stone chipped and well painted underneath, and your subframes are well painted or powder coatedthat's half the job done, I'd only apply wax to the hot spot rust areas as mentioned unless it's being used in all weathers all year round.

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    Is the Mini Cooper buying guide that was issued to members quite a few years ago still issued, or is it available to new members? That had quite a bit of information in it from what I remember regarding what to look for.

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    I agree with lots of these points. Yes there are some useful things mentioned on the forum and MCR members would do well to read and contribute (it's much easier to contribute a short posting than a magazine article). Is the final destination that there is no magazine? I hope not since I can't read the forum in the bath!

    I know that writing magazine articles can be hard and it makes us all appreciate professionally jounalists. It's too easy for regular contributors to get frustrated and start to criticise the silent majority (in their respective baths). The MCR magaszine doesn't seem to suffer from this, but I've stopped subscribing to other clubs that do criticise their own members.

    I write a lot of stuff through work but I don't really have any Mini experience to write about. Being new to the MCR I'm also unsure what would go down well as an article and what would be a boring, ill-informed re-hash, but I don't seem to mind what I stick on the forum!

    Maybe one answer to give a summary of the Forum in the magazine to highlight what is being discussed? It's really easy to look for the most active threads. – Let's face it, we'll never get a good discussion going in the magazine since it takes too long to reply.


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    An article promoting the forum would be a very good idea – how about it Jonathan? ;)Always good to get new ideas and articles in the mag from new members.

    There isvery little elitism in the MCR, which is great. I belonged to the Triumph Sports Six Club once and at local level if you didn't have a TR, a GT6 or Vitesse convertible then you might as well have not existed.


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    Although I agree that it can be quite onerous to write a lenthy article, and I also agree with Glens views on the possibility of more input to the forum, I still think that some of the information given on this forum is actually extremely worthy of inclusion into the magazine.

    As an example, the views that Glen has expressed on rust proofing could be contained in a short letter, and I think, would be of value to the membership. An introduction within the letter could also refer to the forum.

    I should state here and now that I am not putting pressure on any individual to write for the magazine, just commenting on the value of contributions on the forum and how they could be transmitted to the mag.


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    I recently put our esteemed lady editor in touch with 60's saloon car race photographer Mike Hayward which might lead to a few prints appearing in the mag. Ok it's notan article as such, but it's a start ! I have written a few over the years, ahem..going back a few though.

    The interweb's a curse and a blessing in many ways. I'm sure there's tons of stuff that'sappeared on the web that would have made for an interesting article , either on forums such as this or on folk's own websites.I always find articles on the 'me and my car' tack quite interesting but I'm sure many members are reluctant to put themselves in the spotlight. I do remember when my contributions were a little more numerous back in the mid 90's that I started a shortlived 'spotlight on the membership' section in the mag where members were encouraged to spill the beans on their pride and joy, maybe this could be revived ?

    I also find interviews with some of the characters from the motorsporting heyday of the Mini very interesting.I know many have appeared in the Mini glossies but not that many in the MCR mag. I did the odd one but there were so many I'd have liked to have interviewed,some are honoury members, some privateer racing and rally drivers who must have some great stories. One thing that strikes me is that these interesting characters won't be around forever and one daytheir stories will be lost.

    Mmm..maybe if I spent less time on here !


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    [b]Andrew1967 wrote: [/b] “An article promoting the forum would be a very good idea – how about it ”
    Well I've walked into that with my eyes wide closed!

    I'll have a go at it.

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    The member's spotlight theme sounds good. Maybe the committee should encourage Registrars to get in touch with owners of what they consider the more interesting cars in their register, especially the ones who have not contributed for some time. I suspect there are a number of cars out there which were restored some time ago, an article along the lines of before and after might make good reading.

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