1. A daft laddie query – will the Cooper 12G295 cylinder head – and in particular one currently fitted with 1300GT valves – fit directly on to an Austin/Morris 1300 block. I have rashly purchased a pre-A-plus 1300 short engine thinking that I could have it bored +20 thou/crankshaft balanced, lightened etc etc and then have all the good stuff from my existing 998 engine (gearbox/Piper cam/duplex timing chain etc etc)transferred to the new block – or am I a headcase?!

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    Yup, you are a headcase ! Sorry 🙁

    Putting that 1300 engine together will require 1300 box / head etc etc.

    I'd Keep the 998 Cooper, or buy a running 1300 engine complete with all the bits , you'll have to fiddle about with the rod change mounting to get to fit where you're 998 Cooper remote used to go though !

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    Your 295 head will not fit easily on your 1300. However the duplex etc will fit, the cam may even fit with a different oil pump. As for gearboxes, your 1300 motor will fit on the box prviding it is a 4 syncro. Fitting a 1300 on a 3 syncro box does require some surgery to the box.


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