"The Green Team " 1998 Network Q rally car

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  1. Hi,
    I know this is not a works car but hope that no one takes offence! I am looking for as much information about the car as possible , including period pictures if anyone has any. The car was built into a 1989 mini 30 shell by the Plant brothers for the 1998 Network Q Rally. It was group A with a 1293 engine and completed about 8 stages before retiring. The reg. was retained by the team and eventually used on other of their cars. The car was sold in October 1999 to a guy in Aylesbury called William Oliver NODES who purchased an age related number from the DVLA ,which is still on the car . The car ended up in Lincolnshire but is now with me . Hope someone can add to this in some way. Best regards. Mark

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