1997 Group A Mini FIA Homologation papers (PDF file)


  1. Your right, it is listed as Steering Column Assy – Power part no. HMP 141103 on page 21/30

    and photo 25 shows a Sequential gearchange assembly listed as part no. HMP 141077 on page 24/30 for the 6 speed gearbox in photo 16 part no. 141074

    Did the Group A Mini's use both EPAS and 6-speed Sequential gearbox?

  2. The Tran-X developed six speed was used, but I don't think the sequential shift was completed. They only made 5 or 6 gearboxes.

    This is the first time I've seen mention of the PAS column, it's not covered in the Last Works Minis.

  3. I saw this link on another forum which may be of interest:

    [B]1997 Group A Mini FIA Homologation Papers[/B]

    (Large 31MB file, click link to download…may take a few minutes…..and then click save if you want to keep a pdf copy)

    Interestingly….Photo No.5 on page 26, clearly shows that Metro front hubs with their sealed balljoints were used on the 1997 Group A Works Rally Mini's.

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