wanted pics of split weber set up


  1. Hi , im trying to collect any info on the split weber set up used on the 68 monte cars . Any pics appreciated and or info on the mods to the carbs and su manifold used . Thanks in advance.

  2. There are photos in Motor/Autocar of the period, but they are of really poor quality when photocopied.

    As pointed out, they welded spacers onto the carbs that allowed them to fit the std manifold and called them 'prototype carbs' as allowed under the rules for the class.

  3. 251 EN wrote: “Try looking on the Southam Mini metro facebook page:)”

    Thanks for that very uselful. I dont suppose you sell the adaptors seperatley ?

  4. The pair of split Webers that I ran on my green 'S' road car in the early 90's were purchased from John White (I believe they had been used on his Rallycross car) and went to Bill Richards racing when I reverted to a pair of 1 1/2's.

    The inlet manifolds were originally marked, I believe, 'Richard Longman & Co'. By the time the expert Ferrari engineer (Dave Cooper) had finished shortening them they read 'Man & Co'.

    I was not going to cut the bulkhead of my standard 'S' to fit an airbox, though I did use very short ram pipes and no air filters. It sounded exquisite!

    There is a picture and descriptive text on page 200/201 in Bill Price's excellent bookThe BMC/BL Competitions Department regarding Splits.

    In my case only one of the 45's was butchered, the other was complete. However, I have seen instances when the right hand 45 was butchered, and instances when the left hand one was butchered. I do remember Peter Baldwin, at his previous premises in the centre of Cambridge, doing a fantastic job in balancing them and making the car driveable.


  5. [IMG]http://i234.photobucket.com/albums/ee288/mini6169/IMG_6368.jpg[/IMG]


  6. Split Webers

    This is not a easy job!!! You have to split both Webers,then you need 2 alloy manifolds one end same fitting as the SU carb the other end weld to the Carb you have use Tig,these inlets you cant buy have to be machined from a piece of aluminum,you then need the correct SU inlet manifold part no in The Works Mini Book you could give me a ring on 07798668855 if that would help you

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