alloy door skins


  1. Hi, Would anyone know who can supply the best fitting alloy door skins, what i have got so far are really bad fitting . Can anyone help!

  2. The mini door company can do the doors with skins (great quality), and magnum panel's (oldham, Lancs, I think ? ) do the panels, but I have not used them so don't know how good they are, and I dont know If they sell direct or just to the trade, but they would give you stockist details…Google both companies for the address and contact details

  3. Ive got alloy door skins on mine – put the skins on the doors while the doors are on the car !!! that way you can align everything – i learnt the hard way 😀

  4. Magnum website is


    They are in Rochdale up near the hospital, I bought a few panels off them recently for my repair, they seemed to be ok. You can just turn up and they will trade direct, take cash with you though as the card machine was knackered last time I went:) Might be an idea to ring and see what stock they have though, they do have a lot on the shelves.

  5. silly question, but were the alloy door skins only used on mk3's or did they use them on the earlier external door hinge mk 1 or 2's

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