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  1. not ex works i know but gap in the forums for this plea.
    just in the final throws of restoring my fathers 1071s, unfortunately he passed away recently, and with him lots of information.
    its an almond green 63 austin cooper s, reg 7676HA, campained in club events in the midlands and welsh borders. (BTRDA)
    supposedly has done a 'Peter Stuyvesant' RAC rally, not sure which year, and used as a course car on one stage of another.
    i have a list of previous owners on the original log book,
    Hunts Birmingham
    MJ Patrick
    Performance engine services birmingham
    Alan Sylvester
    Raymond Irvine
    GJ McFarlane
    Peter Smith (my father)

    first registered in smethwick
    any help or contacts would be greatfully recieved.

  2. I think the first owner of the car was the late (Henry) Leslie Brooke, hero of the Coventry Blitz for which he won the George Medal – Google him and you'll find plenty about him (he's not the artist!).

    He did the 1964 RAC Rally with late Bob Freebrough although they entered as a 1275 for that event. Leslie Brooke had plenty of good automotive connections so if it was the same car it may well have been upgraded to a 1275 by that time.

    I've also got a picture of the car – I've sent you a PM.

  3. It'll be this book…..


    It's in French and around £80 if you can find a copy. Maybe one of the forum group could scan the shot for you ?

  4. I spoke to Mark today at some length and have sent him a scan of the photo of his car from the book, which looks to me to have Paul Easter at the wheel. I've also said I will contact Paul to see if he can offer any more on this cars history. Certainly the car does have an interesting competition history that many people would love to have. It will be good to see that car out and about soon.

    Robert Young

  5. Many thanks to Robert Young, Simon Wheatcroft, Pete Flanagan and 'austin powered' for the instant wealth of information and help that confirms and ties up 'loose ends', and saves me more months/years of head scratching.I have a lot more reasearch to do yet, but have had a lot of questions answered, like 'why has my 63 1071 got a right hand tank?!'
    Any more help/pictures would be greatfully received.
    Mark Smith

  6. Was it definitely 7676HA on the 64 RAC (Brooke/Freeborough, No.132, 1300)?
    (and on the wider subject, any other reg. nos. of lesser known Minis on the RAC may help to expand the list of Mini entries I complied for use on the 'Mini bonnet' presentation at the last Rally GB).

    Where did the term 'Peter Stuyvesant RAC' come from in the first post??

  7. sorry, that was my misguided assumption that they had sponsered anything more than what turns out to be a stage or a service area.
    see attached picture, one of many random bits found in the paperwork box for the car!

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