65 monte


  1. cswrigh wrote: “Thanks for the correction, I gather the info on this page [URL='http://www.teamdan.com/archive/www2/miscral/65miscra.html'%5D'65 Misc. Rallies[/URL] has some holes in it. The video notes Mr C. Twigdon's mini as car 96 which is info not listed as well. Can anyone elaborate on car 274? Registration number, history, is it still around, etc? Thanks”

    Daren Galpin's site is a monumental undertaking and he has to be greatly complimented on getting any such database off the ground. Some of the rally stuff is a little incomplete or downright wrong due to his (usually magazine) sources and I have simply never had time to send him all I could to correct/expand it. He has now included a lot of RAC Rally data from me and there is a lot more to come.
    There is a thread on here somewhere about Geoff Mabbs' cars.
    96, Claude Twigdon/Anthony Gorst, were 4th London starter, listed as a 1275.
    Great video shots of the cars of both John Wadsworth and Harry Kallstrom. (let's not re-start the debate on just how much 'works' was the Kallstrom car!).

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