Fuel Pipes

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  1. Can anyone confirm or otherwise, if the Works cars used the standard 0.25 inch fuel pipe from the rear to the front of the car. I know they used the doubled ended pump as a worker/standby, and these had screwed in inlet/outlet pipes, so they could be changed.

    In Brian Moylan's book 'Anatomy of the Works Minis', the build sheets for JBL 172D do not mention changing the main fuel line, only the three way connector between the tanks and the pump.

    The info would is of interest in tracing a high rpm (6000+) misfire on my 1293cc Cooper, which is accompanied with spitting back. It happens in 2nd, 3rd and 4th gears but not in first. I suspect the pump is not delivering enough fuel, which is not an SU but looks similar (it's blue) and uses points.


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