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  1. Hello!

    As I´m new to the Mini Scene this is my first post here. I´ve recently purchased an Austin Cooper S MK2 race/rally car and I´m now looking for the FIA homologation sheet. I´ve seen the Fiche no. 5028 in the mk1-conversions archive but I would need the complete sheet with all extensions (as far as I know it should be about 40 pages) in PDF format.

    Maybe anyone can help me…. Many thanks in advance!

    Best regards from Salzburg/Austria


  2. imported post

    Try this link (our MSA)

    or the FIA site itself as it runs FIA Historic events/championships in Europe.

    I remember that there was a guy from Europe at the Race Retro show a year or so ago selling FIA papers. It's on in a couple of weeks so I'll have a look.

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