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  1. Hi,

    has anyone got any info or pictures on the later Tudor electric screen washers fitted to the works cars?

    I know the early Jag type Lucas electric washer is available new but I think that was earlier (I'm building a Mk2)

    I'm building the car up for HRCR historics and am trying to incorporate period items. Not building a works replica just a period rally car!! Also not 'destroying' a Cooper but have found a very good, virtually rust free, 1000.



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    Hi Rich, not an easy thing to find. The Tudor Electric Screenwasher, squarish bottle, was mainly an aftermarket accessory, and of flimsy and shoddy construction, since the electric motor perched on top of the bottle had all components done in mild steel, and riveted together… so prone to rust badly. That's why, when you will find one, you will only have the bottle, since most of the motors were thrown away by angry owners! In any case, try your best luck with Mk1 Scimitars, since these cars had them as standard fitment (but, as you can imagine, not for long!). I will fish out an image, but not earlier than 6th of January… Merry Xmas!

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    It was either in the 'usual' position, by the navigator's knees stuck on the inner front wheelarch, at about half height, or, so as in the ORX series, on the bottom rail of the rear quarter window, driver's side. I would suggest you the latter, since your navigator will not have to crash his knees on it on every jump!

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    One reason for mounting in the front footwell may have been the 'reaction time' when the washers were used. I tried mounting it in the back side pocket but there was a slight delay in delivering water to the screen when ever the switch was operated because of the length of the tube from the reservoir. In rallycross they often had the washers running permanently, so it didn't matter where the bottle was.

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    Hi Richard,

    In Brian Moylans book Anatomy of the Works Minis, page 22 shows the bottle as does the rear cover in glowing colour. The samewashers were used on Vanden Plas 11/1300's. If you are using an internal expansion tank make sure that you fit it first as that will help dictate where you fit the bottle. From memory the works used a 1300 expansion tank. In the 1300 aplication the tank was fitted to the inside front of the front subframe, they usedsame fixing bracket when used inside the MINI.


    Gethin Spain.

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    I have used a 5 litre plastic container, they fit perfectly in the rear door pockets. You can get over the delay factor by fitting non return valves. I always found the main problem was filling it especialy when a cage was fitted. 5 litres of water would normaly last a 10 hour night event in muddy Welsh lanes. Another downside was carrying over 10lb of exrta wieght and not using it.

    Gethin Spain.

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