Mini video Paddy Hopkirk


  1. This is a video i discovered probably be seen before but you got to love the beach boys at the end.

    Oh this is my first post so hey boys and girls.


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    Hi Steve,

    That is all the way from New Zealand, I recall seeing him doing this during more than one visit,the last I believein 1970. It was fun to watch and he was our icon as we all had Mini's/Elf's



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    We know of at least one car that was used in this 'mini-spinning' but it is almond green/OEW, so not the one in this clip. Knowing NZ back then, it was more than likely a dealer's own car or a customer's as we didn't have spare cars for demonstrators.



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    Fantastic – The Master at work! he makes it look so easy doesn't he! I expect the car was a 'demonstrator':shock:which someone later bought thinking they'd got a low mileage 'bargain':D. Then wondered why the tyres and gearbox were worn out;).

    I remember wearing out the front tyres on my firstCooperin 1500miles…….

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    This related video is quite good, some Makinen action and Mikkola – both faster than me!:shock:


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