works mini TMO 560


  1. hi all

    i was just wondering if the works mini reg no [font=Verdana][color=#333333]TMO 560 was still around, I've have just come across an 1961 RALLYE MONTE CARLO aluminum [color=#000000]Competition Number which is 226……………..[/color][/color][/font]

    thanks Ray

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    No, it's long gone. The only known survivor from the 59 cars was 618AOG which I bought in the mid eighties for £30. Oddly it was on a Q plate and it was only when I got a Heritage certificate (£3!):)
    I couldn't be bothered with the re-registration process so I used a V5 from a 1960 Mini Minor that I used for parts. The car was bought by a Japanese collector/dealer called Kuwahara in 1986/7

    It was red and white and left me with steel wheels and Mini Minor trim. Who has it now??

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    No, but it probably involves a crusher.:shock:

    Most 1959-61 Minis were scrapped in the seventies and a battered ex rally car wouldn't have made it that far sadly.:X

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    Assuming that is a rally plaque that you have, race no 226 was allocated to works mini, TMO 561 1961 Monte Derek Astle/Steve Woolley. The mini was retired after being hit by a landslide. All three works minis did not finish this event.

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