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    I think you have just missed this on ebay 🙁


    It did not sell so you might be able to contact the seller[b][size=6]![/size] [/b]:D

    Regards :dude:

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    I wouldn't shell out too much on photos of LBL 6D, there must be hundreds of shots of that car in various books,old Mini / Miniworldmagazines etc ,you could get for peanuts, possibly one of the most photographed Minis ever apart from33 EJB !

    If you're a member of the MCR, why not ask Robert Young, or have a look at the car in the flesh at Gaydon ?

    Are you building a replica ?

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    The original LBL 6D is at the British Moter Industry Heritage Trust, at Gaydon. However, There is a duplicate LBL 6D at the National Motor Museum, Beaulieu, but the front stick on numberplate is an inch off centre. Also, a replica LBL 6D was being driven in London in 1967 by a journalistwhen he smashed it into railings in, i think, Baker St, or Wigmore St, this car had different badges, ie, Austin/Morris, at different ends of the car. That said, the original LBL 6D has been photographed so much that you know its the real item

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