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    I would like to know why 407 ARX log book was bought, then then body shell bought along with engine and all the parts to make a log book into Paddys rally car. and the prodgect called in the spirit of the original Paddy Hopkirk Mini, ( see MCR mag August the chairmans report)And not a log book rebuild which it clearly is.

    Top Gear conned into thinking its the real Mini, then asking the club to authenticate it which the club did not do.

    I think this brings the Mini Cooper Register into disrepute.

    Please reply to this or send to the letters page in the magazine, or complain to Top Gear.

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    Well maybe when it's restored and eventually sold off for £50,000 big ones the cash 'll be donated to charity !

    The words 'tip' and 'iceberg' spring to mind !:D

    URX 550G anyone ?? 😯

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    If you have concerns about the originality of this car and any others can I suggest you take the matter up with the committee so that it can be discussed at the next committee meeting.

    rogthehat[b] wrote:[/b]

    I think this brings the Mini Cooper Register into disrepute.

    As this is a public forum, not restricted to MCR members I do not feel it is the best place to discuss this issue, for the same reason quoted above. Hence I am closing the topic in the public area.

    I am prepared to allow a general discussion about originality of cars within the members only area – but it will be closely monitored.


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