Soh 878h


  1. Super looking job, let's see some more. Nice to see ch.405 restored to Comps spec. I have just sold ch.402 to Simon Drew and he is returning it to its last Special Tuning glory days spec. Well done:)

  2. The under bonnet shots have a couple of problems…..grommet on inner wing and bonnet stay on wrong side…the original would have been on radiator side and no grommets on inner wing. Boot handle appears wrong too…;)

  3. straight cu wrote: “Thanks for the public reply, if I could just say that in my world we help out others privately and in a way that we don't have to prove that we have a tad more knowledge than anyone else.Should you choose to remove your 'speel' and start again with your comments to me privately I will gladly restore the photographs and likewise adjust mine. A little modesty goes a long way with me and many can have pleasure from the outcome”

    I am having difficulty deciding if this is a wind-up or just someone so far up their own arse that they cant see when they are getting some good advice in good faith ,whether you decide to take that advice or not is irrelevant, no one is trying to force you to change the grommet or refit the stay to the other side , you were given the advice in good faith by someone most would consult if a question re works Clubman popped up , now may I respectfully suggest you have a good think about your attitude, of course everyone on here would love to see your pics but if you choose not to share them so be it !!! I certainly won't loose any sleep , you mention 'modesty' but don't seem to know its meaning , I will help with that , the Oxford dictionary lists modesty as 'the quality or state of being unassuming in the estimation of one's abilities' : can't see you possessing those qualities from your replies above .

  4. Sorry to see some one upset, we are actually very frindly inhere :rolleyes: he he .

    If the car was restored using new innerwings & slam panel, so what.

    Hope to see it defended, and shown pictures of this nice & rare car.

  5. straight cu wrote: “Good luck with your fan club”

    Unfortunately you have edited your posts so many times now this thread makes little sense. In answer to your requests to remove or edit my posts or to communicate in private with you, if you read my post history you will see I do my business in public and I stand by all I print, if I am unsure I include a caveat but I never retract.

    My fan club is fine thankyou she is one year old and called Lily Alice.

    Hope all your dreams come true.


  6. I am sorry you have taken my well intentioned obsevations so badly,I could respond to your points but feel it may inflame what already seems to have upset you. I am a fan of your car and just wanted to point to a couple of issues that would not have been on the car in 1970.
    Ade SOH 956H still original and still owned until collected by new owner.

  7. 1969 and all tha wrote: “Sadly got very silly but hopefully it has gone to bed now…..thanks :)”

    Missed the beginning of this thread ( away at IMM 😀 ) , Would have liked to see the Photo's as it sounds a another nice car . Most comments on here are constructive / helpful , but we're all very proud of our cars and sometimes think its criticism . Hope to see the photos reposted soon 🙂 ,

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