A day with Richard Longman


  1. Last year I drove from Wales down to see Richard, he ended up getting me to take him shopping! We went to get some vegetables from a garden centre, then we went to his workshop. On the way back from the workshop he said to me 'I've got something in my garage at home that I'll sell you and it will be very handy for you to use in an emergency'. I was quite excited about this because I though it was something to do with Mini's or racing!

    when we got back to his house, we put the shopping away. I was excited and anxious to see what he had for me, so we went to his garage in the house and he produced a box (probably about 18' square and about 8' deep), he then pulled out a piece of headgear which he placed on his head with 2 binoculars of some sort attached to it. I looked at him with shock and amazement, he then said 'This will be very hand for you if the lights go on your car', in the box were 2 headlights which were black, exactly the same as sealed beam units for a Mini also some sort of battery pack. Then he started plugging the wire in, by then I thought he'd lost the plot, I was ready to phone the men in white coats! I was laughing continuously for a long time.

    I asked him where did he get them from and he told me a story that when they were pulling the Berlin wall down, Richard and a friend called Dieter, who was a German race driver (this was around 87-88). They enquired them off a back of a Russian tank and also quite a bit of Russian armory!!

    I know the Welsh are known to be stupid and do naughty things to sheep, if you've seen some of the Welsh women, you'd know why it's better to chase sheep!

    I have attached some photo's of Richard demonstrating the night vision goggles with the 2 car headlights in the box.

    If anybody wants to buy them as I'm sure that they might be handy for the next world war or if you are ever in Wales and you want to look for some sheep in a field at night, bring a pair of wellies and use these to look for a girlfriend!!

    many thanks for listening to this crap!

    Dai Bos

  2. I think if they ever need a Cultural Attache in Wales, then Dave is clearly the man. He is every bit as good as Sir Les Patterson is for Aussie land:D

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