Geoff Mabbs JanSpeed racing Mini


  1. Hi all,

    can any one tell me what happened to 170 TYD ? it was driven by Geoff Mabbs in the 1965 and 66 season.

    I know that Ralph Wilding & Terry Kirby,s two JanSpeed Mini,s were sold, one to Ireland, and one to Scotland, but no mention of the Mabbs 1293,s whereabouts:confused:

    Jens Christian

  2. Mk 3 S Meiste wrote: “170 TYD was Geoff Mabbs own car rather than Janspeed owned. It was also rallied extensively 1964 > 1965.”

    Thanks MK 3 S,

    that explains why there are no records, to where TYD went.

    Sounds like the same deal, JanSpeed did with Richard Longman, some years later, also a good deal for both Longman & JanSpeed:cool:

    Jens Christian

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