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Hear hear! Don, I have various classics and an R56 Cooper SD. MINI lent the club an F56 Cooper S car for our display for the London 2 Brighton this year which


  1. The MINI got a bit of a slagging in the papers today! Daily Mail, 4/10/14, page 30 '…..New Mini Coopers. They took an iconic and beautifully designed car and spoiled it. Big where it was small, fat where it was graceful and brash where it was discreet.

    I don't know whether they are referring to the original 'new' MINI Cooper or the old original Mini Cooper but………..

  2. Hear hear! Don, I have various classics and an R56 Cooper SD. MINI lent the club an F56 Cooper S car for our display for the London 2 Brighton this year which was nothing short of superb! I also have driven the whole range as my local dealer makes a point as a club regional organiser making sure I do, as soon as they come in. They have also sponsored our regional events and the dealers have budget for this. The so called German disrespect for the classic has long passed in fact they embrace it as they should have in the first place.

    As we all do, I love my classics! However with modern roads and safety constraints the car had to move on and MINI have done a fantastic job in making a small car (all small cars are bigger than 60' & 70's versions). Even the larger Countryman and Paceman which I understand are marmite due to their size still drive like a Mini, direct and sporty. Not sure anyone else could have re-made the Mini and delivered how they have. I for one look forward to the next 50 years (as much of it I can see) and organising/attending events where owners of classics and modern MINI's in whatever guise socialise together.


  3. I dont know, Ive driven a BMW mini Cooper S and to be honest it didnt 'excite' me as much as my real 'S' does. Dont get me wrong, its a great car, but not an ICON. The way the doors close and the sound they make is awful, the brakes leave a lot to be desired, aircon is no better than opening the window and most of all it looks just sooo big ! Maybe I should get a drive in a Works Cooper S GP2…..

  4. All fair and valid points Justin.. but only the views of MINI owners and or MINI and mIni owners… you would find if polled mini and I mean classic mini owners could not give two hoots about the MINI…as I found at a couple of events I have attended since the inception of the MINI.. most not all MINI owners never owned/never drove an original one…to be of an age when like a number of MCR members we started to drive or first owned a mini like me … there are a number of very young drivers whose first love is the iconic mini not say a cooper or an s unless they have deep pockets or use the bank of mum and dad…??!!..there is without a doubt a huge passion for the mini amongst young guys and gals which is nice to see.. ….the MINI is a fine well built but a tad expensive car I feel..i will never ever have the desire to own one.. I still don't get it re the MINI. ??..rose coloured glasses me thinks…??!! purely my view.. with respect ..foxy52

  5. Well, I have a MkII S, and I drive my daughter's MINI One, and I reckon it could at a stretch compare although it's much heavier and nothing like as sharp handling. It's the giant MINIs I really don't get. And if I want to drive a fast BMW I'll stick to my Z3M Coupe, which is truly a surgical instrument. Load lugging in comfort? The ancient 330i…

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