Countryman Spacesaver Spare

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  1. I don't own a MINI Countryman but saw this posted on another forum and thought it may be of interest to some.


    [B]Spare Tire Solution~[/B]
    After extensive measures we have developed a Spare Tire Adapter Kit for your 2011+ Mini Countryman (including S & ALL4 models).
    Our Adapter Kit includes a CNC machined aluminum Hub-Centric/Wheel-Centric Adapter & all associated hardware of proper grade strength, mounting socket with handle & a convenient storage case.
    The total weight is well under 5lbs & easily fits under a seat or in the hatch under the storage area. This updated version clears both the front & rear calipers. Use it whereever your flat is!

    [B]What Else Do I need~[/B]
    Good Question! You will need a spare *tire/rim & an air compressor. We do not include these items in the kit. Here's why:

    – An Air Pump Kit. We simply do not offer any brand of this kit. These are readily available in a variety of kits/brands/sizes. Some include 'Slime' etc. (typically around $20)

    – A Compact Folding Spare. You need quite a specific wheel/tire here. It is only available New from a Mercedes Benz dealer & is quite expensive. Hold on..We've discovered these are readily available through eBay, Craigslist & even local Junk yards. (The MB part# is 1704010502 ).

    These are typically found on 1998-00 SLK models & many others. This is a 15×4.5' Space Saver Compact Folding Spare. Usually w/ a Veredstein Tire.

    – Your factory cone seat wheel bolts. You will need these to mount the Adapter to your car. *if you are running an aftermarket wheel that uses a supplied 'ball seat' bolt, be sure to place 5 of your OEM Cone Seat bolts in the vehicle.
    [B]More Details:[/B]
    [URL=''%5DTDNCMSTAK, Mini Countryman Spare Tire[/URL]





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