How BMW and Mini will sell a million cars per year off one platform


  1. Interesting article linked below on the future plans of MINI from Autocar.
    How BMW and Mini will sell a million cars per year off one platform[/B]
    Could Mini have survived to a third-generation model without the involvement of BMW?
    There are cold-eyed City analysts who will tell you that although Mini made a profit on every car it sold — often quite a healthy profit — it probably did not fully pay back the big industrial investment.
    Indeed, until the launch of the Countryman, Mini was only selling just over 200,000 cars a year across five model lines. Could BMW have sensibly invested in a new platform, new tooling and a range of five models on sales of 200k? Probably not. The Countryman helped the case for Mini by adding 100,000 sales a year.

  2. Platform sharing is the way of the world now, especially with small cars where volumes are required……the MINI has been a unique platform so far with up to 300,000 a year now but BMW really need to be selling 500,000+ small cars to be profitable and compete with the big world manufacturers in the future.
    VW Group are probably the leaders in this strategy and others are rapidly following.
    However BMW are confident they can engineer quite different characteristics from their UKL1 platform for both the MINI and a small BMW.

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