MINI First – reliably reliable

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  1. 'So, what is the MINI First? Available since 2009, the First has been the company's entry level model – as the MINI One had obviously become too luxurious and expensive. It's a model that I remember calling for when I used to write for [I]Modern MINI[/I] magazine – a basic, stripped out model that could be bought for a headline price. And it has to be said that this was pretty much delivered with the First. Early models were powered by a 1.4-litre engine, but this was soon replaced by a detuned 1.6-litre (still putting out the same 75bhp). List price in December 2011 was £10,989, and basics such as metallic paint and [URL=''%5D%5BCOLOR=#009900%5D%5BU%5Dair conditioning[/U][/COLOR][IMG][/IMG][/URL] were on the options list.'
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