Mini: Re-Born In The Netherlands


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    As soon as the second half of 2014 MINI's will be made in the Netherlands. To mark the occasion BMW is sponsoring the restoration of a 1959 Mini originally assembled at Molenaar's Car Factory in Amersfoort, Holland.

    [b]Official Release:[/b] Today VDL Nedcar employees started the restoration of one of the first Dutch Minis. This classic Mini – one of the oldest Minis in the world – was assembled in 1959 at Molenaar's Car Factory in Amersfoort, Holland and is now being completely rebuilt by a team of five VDL Nedcar employees.
    They were selected from the pool of 1,500 VDL Nedcar employees who will be involved in the future production of MINI at VDL Nedcar in Born. The plant is currently in preparation for MINI contract manufacturing starting in the second half of 2014. It makes MINI the only car brand that will be in series production in the Netherlands.
    [b]Mini built in the Netherlands.[/b]
    For the second time in history this British icon will be produced in the Netherlands. From its year of introduction (1959) up until 1966 the importer J.J. Molenaar's Car Companies in Amersfoort assembled over 4,000 Minis. BMW Group Netherlands initiated a search for one such Mini built in the Netherlands.
    Having found this Classic Mini, VDL Nedcar reacted enthusiastically and put together the restoration team, made up of a bodywork builder, a welder, a painter, an engine specialist and a project manager.
    Before the end of this year the genuine Dutch Mini ought to be reborn in the same factory in which a new generation of Dutch MINIs will be produced in the second half of 2014. The restoration process may be followed every step of the way on MINI's Dutch Facebook page.
    After the start of the MINI production in Born this oldest of Dutch Minis can be seen at VDL Nedcar. The Mini – officially recognized by the international 1959 Mini Register – will then be put in a prominent place in the Dutch factory as a token of the 1,500 employees' pride.




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  3. Some info on Dutch Mini involvement here:

    Mab 🙂

  4. mab0 wrote: “Some info on Dutch Mini involvement here:

    Mab :)” ta ..:) foxy52

  5. 59er,..

    Touching !!,.Should look a beaut when its done up as its looking like a no expenses spared resto…?!..I for one would like to know more about the original factory and what variants it produced if anyone has any info ??…I have only been to Holland twice ,once driving a Golf Gti around Zandvoort and the other time just en route to Germany and Austria…so I don't know much about the Dutch involvement in all things mini ??.. tks foxy52

  6. Mini re-Born preview video: [URL][/URL]


  7. Updates from The Mini Reborn operation here -> Mini Austin Seven '59 Reborn @
    (also some stuff that you'll not find on official Mini Reborn FB page)


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