Five-door version of the Mk3 MINI (F56)

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  1. Below is AutoExpress magazines 'guess' at what the 5 door version of the Mk3 MINI will look like on the cover of this weeks issue:


    From Autocar magazine:[B]
    Five-door version of the Mk3 Mini will join the three-door model; on sale early next year[/B]
    'It is thought that more than 10 different Mini and baby BMW models will be based on the new UKL1 architecture, which will transform the profitability of the Mini. With a unique platform, expensively engineered components (such as the multi-link rear ‘Z-axle') and global sales of less than 300,000 units, it's thought that the Mini operation wasn't profitable enough for BMW to have commissioned a new stand-alone Mini platform. However, by introducing a front-drive BMW family to the mix, and with the global trend for downsizing, BMW bosses estimate that the UKL1 project will be good for well over half a million profitable sales each year, possibly even rising to 
as many as 800,000 a year 
by the end of the decade.'

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