Who owns the oldest MINI? By Model


  1. Hi,

    Yes I still have the first MINI Cooper Y2 HAT ordered, I received it on 7/7/2001 up to 100,000 miles now. My most reliable car ever. 11 years and still going strong.

    Rog 'The Hat'

  2. Interesting thread on TotalMINI:

    Anyone here got MINI's with earlier build dates?

    [B]According to the book 'New MINI' by Graham Robson the first few pre-production Mini's were built in January 2001 and the first production car on 26th April 2001. The MINI One and Cooper officially went on sale 7th July 2001.[/B]


    Y96 OBL above was an early press car registered 08 06 2001 and last taxed 30 09 2008. Another one of the early press cars Y286 OBL red Mini was registered 23 05 2001 but was last taxed April 2005 according to DVLA website. (Several photos of it in Graham Robson's book.)

    I have seen various spyshots from back in 1999 of some of the disguised new MINI prototypes (registered as Rovers) testing with N & P registrations.

    The DVLA website search gives the following details on these first MINI's :-
    N735 FYB – Rover MINI – First registered 11 Sep 1998 – 1589cc – White – last taxed until 1 Mar 2000. (see in video below)
    N279 NWS – Rover – First registered 11 Sep 1998 – 1589cc – Green – last taxed until 1 Sep 2000. (Export)
    N216 FYA – Rover – First registered 21 Jan 1999 – 1588cc – Grey – last taxed until 28 July 2000.
    N952 OMR – Rover – First registered 13 Oct 1999 – 1588cc – Black – last taxed until 01 Oct 2000.
    P375 YAE – Rover – First registered 13 Sep 1999 – 1588cc – Black – last taxed until 01 Jan 2002.
    P489 AHR – Rover – First registered 15 Nov 1999 – 1588cc – Black – last taxed until 01 Nov 2000.

    Do any still exist or were they all scrapped?


    ^This is said to be the first production MINI No.1 (unregistered)

  3. I believe Mini Cooper Register member Roger the 'Hat' was the first to pre-order a New R50 MINI Cooper in 1997 !! long before the official launch date, (Reg No. Y2 HAT) which he still owns today and was first registered 09 07 2001 according to the DVLA website.

    [B]Quote from Roger in Dec 2000:[/B]
    'I cannot wait for mine to arrive, I ordered in 1997 when it was first mentioned and hopefully my name is on the list. It has been passed through 2 Rover dealers and is currently with BMW in Enfield.'

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