Celebrating 10 Years of MINI USA

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    'March 22,2012, officially marks 10 years of MINI in the US of A. What many dismissed as a niche car for a non-existant audience has more than flourished on American soil. But MINI did more than just bring back a classic. It did more than sell a fun, fast, cute little car. MINI defined an entirely new market segment in the US: The Premium Small Car. At the time, you could buy small, you could buy nice, you could buy fun, but you couldn't buy all three. Not in one car, anyway. Now it seems like every auto show circuit, another manufacturer has a new, nice, small car with its sights set on being the next MINI. Try though they might, none of them have yet been able to match MINI's mix of performance, personalization, fuel economy and style. Critics might be able to argue for better cars in one or two areas, but no one has yet to match MINI in that sweet spot at the intersection of performance, economy, and affordable luxury.'


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