MINI Axes Rocketman?


  1. CAR magazine reports that the MINI Rocketman project has been cancelled.


    “Why BMW has canned the mini Mini
    Mini showed the Rocketman concept as design study to show what a shrunken Mini true to the brand's core values could look like in the twenty first century.

    It was dubbed internally the MiniMini or Mini City.

    What killed the charming yet extremely short-wheelbase 3050mm urban runabut was not marketing or costs but the fact that the radically shrunk new platform threw up all sorts of new problems.

    Such as…
    Munich would have had to invest considerable amounts to make a Mini Rocketman-sized city car meet current regulations.

    Chief among the problems were the stability, handling and crash performance of a baby Mini.

    Mini originally showed the Rocketman concept car at the 2011 Geneva motor show. CAR's sources suggested a shrunken Mini could have been pencilled in for production around 2016.

    The Rocketman concept was just 3419mm long (versus 3723mm for a current three-door Mini hatch) and 1907mm wide.

  2. “Chief among the problems were the stability, handling and crash performance of a baby Mini.”

    So a baby sized mini has poor stability and handling? The original was over a foot shorter than than, if it was unstable and handled poorly, then i wonder what a good car was like?:D

    Ok we'll let them have the Crash performance bit.

  3. So it was a little difficult to make was it (this was one concept that I thought was much closer to the original Mini), I have two words for them..Smart Car:rolleyes:

  4. Sad news if its true but hopefully we have not seen the last of a smaller MINI City type car………..however if the numbers don't add up yet?

    The Toyota IQ has not been the sales success that was hoped for and the Smart Car was a major financial disaster in its earlier years for Mercedes, never achieving its projected sales. Mercedes were planning it to sell in similar volumes to BMW's MINI at launch and the spin-off models such as the Forfour hatch and Roadster were canned after only short production runs.
    [B]How BMW's Mini Trumped Daimler's Smart Car[/B]:

    Perhaps there is just not a big enough demand out there yet for a premium sub-MINI sized 'small' car selling at a higher price than the existing bargain basement 'mini' cars like Toyota Aygo/Citroen C1/Peugeot 107 built in low wage economy countries.

  5. [B]Rocketman/MINI City Neither Living Nor Dead[/B]
    Various people in leadership, including MINI's top man, Dr. Kay Segler, have expressed a very strong desire to see the little MINI on the city streets near you, yet we also know that the car isn't in the current product roadmap recently approved by the BMW board. Inquiring minds want to know will this car get built or won't it? Now we have some clarity from Sven Grutzmacher, BMW Group press spokesman at the recent press launch of the MINI Roadster. Well, sort of.[INDENT]“…there was never a decision whether we [would] build such a car or not. So nothing is changed on that front, so you cannot say the Rocketman is dead, or that the Rocketman is going to come into production because there has never been a decision.”[/INDENT][B]More:[/B]

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