1961 Mini And 2011 MINI – Which? Magazine 50th


  1. An interesting comparison! I well remember my first Mini with its crossply tyres and single leading shoe drum brakes:eek: although actually they seemed perfectly adequate at the time and I don't ever remember needing to USE the brakes that much! I still think it's fair to say that the original Mini was MUCH more revolutionary when first introduced than the BMW MINI was.
    In many ways, we have come less far in the last 50years of car design than in the previous 50. A comparison with a small 1910 motorcar and an early Mini would perhaps show just how far!
    A 50year old car is still perfectly capable of being used as an everyday runabout, the biggest shortfalls probably being in occupant safety and convenience?

  2. Which?, the consumer magazine, has celebrated the 50th anniversary of its motoring section by testing a 1961 Mini against a 2011 MINI.




    (Although the Austin Seven tested was actually late 1960) 🙂
    The vehicle details for NFO 644 are:
    Date of Liability 01 04 2012
    Date of First Registration 24 08 1960
    Year of Manufacture 1960
    Cylinder Capacity (cc) 848cc
    CO2 Emissions Not Available
    Fuel Type PETROL

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