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  1. I have just got a very early (July 2001 ) MINI Cooper R50 to add to the collection ,and am looking for a JC tuning kit or bits of the kit , this kit was offered for a few years before the noise was deemed to be 'antisocial' and the kit was replaced with the 'JCW Sound kit ' which is still available , the original kit consisted of a mildly modified head , Cold air intake with 'open' cone filter , Janspeed 'cat back ' exhaust ,remap, silver injector cover and badging for the rear and sides grilles,I am not too worried about the head as we can do something better ourselves and also not too worried about the remap as we can sort that ourselves as well , I am aware there are lots of better ways of improving the car and we do it every day but for this one I would like to keep with period mods if possible , so any help would be really appreciated in locating a kit or indeed just individual parts .

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