Help what do i look for when buying


  1. hi there, im a member of the cooper register with my 73 innocenti. But today I need some help with new minis, im thinking of buying one as a daily runner. My plan is to go for one about 5 years old, i want to spend 8 grand tops.

    what models should i avoid / go for.

    what should i look out for when viewing these cars.

    do they rust and if so where?

    anything to watch out for engine wise?

    any comments would be appreciated

    thanks Graham

  2. Several people on here close to you have recently gone down the same route. The last 'what to look for' thread is here: [URL][/URL]

  3. i have a 56 plate Cooper S generation 2 just fitted new tyres and dumped the run flats new tyres were half the cost and improved the ride,

    Drive the car daily too and from work and for work during the day, i cover an area from Poole to Shoreham and love driving the car.

    Had some glitches, misfire number plate light lense fell out.. white wheels a pain in the butt to keep clean….but the drive through hand car wash sorts that. Part way through fitting a parrot hands free car kit, blimey what a work up stripping the dash to gain access, but shows the quality of the car.

    Got a rattle on the passenger side rear behind a panel, think its one of the vent pipes to the fuel filler, sunroof seals wistle seems to be an ongoing problem, plenty of websites around to get info about parts / problems and up grades.

    Still get some ignorant comments from low lifes about it no being a proper mini, even at Beaulieu some guy walked by didnt realise it was my car and asked why we let those things in… my response was.. well you were lucky enough to get in aswell !!!

    All in all every day driver excellent car

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