1. Works Rally John Cooper MINI, takes on the WRC. photos.


  2. [IMG]http://a4.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/224071_208376445861709_187391387960215_649855_6377564_n.jpg[/IMG]

  3. Chris Meeke just oversteered off the road in stage 3, a shame really as he was 7th fastest in stage 1 and 3rd fastest in stage 2.

    From the TV footage it looks like Daniel Sordo is taking it a bit easier than Chris Meeke and lies 6th at the end of day one.

    There was plenty of footage on the Motors TV show which showed the Meeke off from onboard.

    Found a short video on Youtube with footage of Daniel Sordo on the first stage at 2:06



  4. The Day 2 highlights 10.30pm Motors TV tonight. 🙂


  5. I am looking forward to the coverage. Yesterday's was superb, especially the in car footage for almost a whole stage. I am sad for Kris but at least he has the benefit of starting again tomorrow and getting more test miles in. It's only a week now to the Rally Show at Cornbury Park. Are you going Surfblue63?:)

  6. hanlminima wrote: ” It's only a week now to the Rally Show at Cornbury Park. Are you going Surfblue63?:)”

    I've got a local show on next weekend so I won't be going to Cornbury, bit miffed they moved it from Chatsworth to be honest. 🙁

    Danny Sordo still in 6th after day 2 but he has lost time against the leaders. On the plus side he is almost 3 minutes ahead of Tanak in 7th. If there are no problems for the teams on the last 4 stages then that's were he will probably end up.

    Day 3 highlights on Motors TV at 10:30pm 🙂

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