Airbag / SRS and other warning lights reset

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  1. Having had the classic 'airbag-light-comes-on-after-moving-a-seat' fault recently, I cured it by hard-wiring the connectors beneath the seats, and then extinguishing the light with a diagnostic tool.

    Which meant that I acquired such a tool – an Autel EU702 which is not just the airbag light resetter, but reads and resets all the faults on all systems.

    As it is also handy for other vehicles with OBD/OBD2 sockets, I have abandoned my original idea of Ebaying it after use, and so it is available for loan to members willing to get to me (about 5 minutes from J9, M25). [B]This will of course be free of charge, but my favourite charity at the moment is Help for Heroes, and if each use raised a fiver in a donation for them I'd be very pleased [/B]:o

    E-mail: [EMAIL='colin@ado15(dot)com']colin(at)ado15(dot)com[/EMAIL] if you would like to use it.

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