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W&DB win Best Club Stand at DEWS Show (4 replies)

Martin Charles
6 years ago
Martin Charles 6 years ago

W&DB win Best Club Stand at DEWS Show

Martin Charles
6 years ago
Martin Charles 6 years ago

Hi all,
You might have seen in the Events section a report on the DEWS Classic Car Show at Downton. The good news is that the Branch was awarded the best club stand award.

The stand was organised by Malcolm Francis and Nick Stansmore and was supported by 12 members cars, although 14 cars were booked. The award was wrestled from the Portsmouth and Southampton Mini Club, who I believe have won it for the last two years, they had a presence this year along with the Bournemouth MC and Wessex MC.

I think the things that impressed the judges were
1. Every car had an information sheet about the car in the window.
2. Anybody who showed an interest in the cars was engaged in conversation.
3. There were club magazines and membership flyers to hand out to potential members. Certainly there was interest from about half a dozen people whilst I was on the stand throughout the day.
4. There was a caption competition for a bottle of wine.
5. Good selection of cars covering all Era's of Mini production from BMC, BL, Rover and BMW periods.

So well done to Malcolm and Nick, along with members Adrian Mitchell, Alan Booth, Steven Price, Dave Ball, Dr. David Blacklidge, Richard Sign, Phil Lewis, Clive Brooks, Roger the Hat and Richard Bladen, some of whom had their partners with them as well.

Talking to Malcolm during the day he told me that the first year they had about 5 cars, last year maybe 10 and this year 12. So next year lets try and make it 20 at least at this fantastic little show in the village that was home to one of the most famous Mini Tuners. Because I feel sure P&SMC will be back in strength to try and win again.

Platter presentation L to R - Nick Stansmore, Steve Harris, Malcolm Francis
[attachment=2:k2ighlji]IMG_8676 (600x400).jpg[/attachment:k2ighlji]
Some of those present celebrate the Branch's success
[attachment=1:k2ighlji]IMG_8683 (600x400).jpg[/attachment:k2ighlji]
The cars,
[attachment=0:k2ighlji]IMG_8660 (600x400).jpg[/attachment:k2ighlji]

Martin Charles
6 years ago
Martin Charles 6 years ago

More of the cars,
[attachment=2:y00f0jvy]IMG_8661 (600x400).jpg[/attachment:y00f0jvy]
[attachment=1:y00f0jvy]IMG_8662 (600x400).jpg[/attachment:y00f0jvy]
[attachment=0:y00f0jvy]IMG_8663 (600x400).jpg[/attachment:y00f0jvy]

Martin Charles
6 years ago
Martin Charles 6 years ago

[attachment=2:5tz55v25]IMG_8664 (600x400).jpg[/attachment:5tz55v25]
[attachment=1:5tz55v25]IMG_8665 (600x400).jpg[/attachment:5tz55v25]
[attachment=0:5tz55v25]IMG_8666 (600x400).jpg[/attachment:5tz55v25]

Martin Charles
6 years ago
Martin Charles 6 years ago

[attachment=2:3obhimv1]IMG_8667 (600x400).jpg[/attachment:3obhimv1]
[attachment=1:3obhimv1]IMG_8669 (600x400).jpg[/attachment:3obhimv1]
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