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Date of next W&D Regional monthly meeting (2 replies)

5 years ago
mfdriver 5 years ago

Just to remind everyone that the next meeting is on Wednesday 12th April at 8 p.m. at Redlynch (Sports and Social Club) Post code SP5 2LN. It would be good to see some new faces (There are 37 registered MCR members in Dorset and 25 in Wiltshire, so why do we only have 15 regular supporters?)

Perhaps no-one reads the forum any more?


Tony S
5 years ago
Tony S 5 years ago


You are not alone with this problem.  Although we in Hampshire have a good 20 or so at our meetings the number of Hampshire members is far in excess of that.  I think many people have no wish to attend a social evening or maybe are just too shy?

5 years ago
mgb 5 years ago


If you can get the members in your region to click the "Get notified via email when new posts are added" link at the bottom of your forum section, then they will automatically get an email with the content of your post whenever you post something in your section.

I know from experience in another club that communication is the key to good attendance at meetings.

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